Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daesung please be strong!

Daesung is a korean singer member of Big Bang. About 2 weeks ago Daesung got into a car accident. Hyun is a guy that passed away in that accident. The police is investigating whether Daesung killed Hyun or Hyun died before Daesung run over him, since Hyun was on the ground before Daesung even get there. Still, the result of the investigation haven't come out yet. Let's hope that Daesung will be strong during this time..

I'm personally a big fan of him since Family Outing. I hope everything will be clear and let's pray for both side. I'm sad when i know this. :(

For more info, please visit allkpop.com for more details.

Rough Illustration of what happened (by Authorities)  resources: allkpop.com

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