Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is like to be a career woman…

Its already been a month since I started my job at one of the well known insurance company in Kuala Lumpur. (company name cannot be disclosed here) I have been very busy since then so I have no time to update about my life  here.

I still remembered years ago when I always dream to be hired in a big company in Kuala Lumpur,where I can work in the big tower I’ve seen along the busy road in Kuala Lumpur. Also,I love to see people wearing their sophisticated coat,their long black pants and 3’ inches high heels to work. I said to myself,”I will be like her one day”. And now I am!!! :-)

Enough with my dream, I know all of you really want to know what is my position there right??? Currently, I am the Executive ......................(also cannot disclosed here) This position is  kinda famous in the insurance industry. So,basically my jobs is that I will underwrite all the medical cases for insurance company or in simple ways to say it: I will determine whether the person can buy insurance or not according to their current health status. Everyday,I will read medical reports from doctors.

For now,I’m not staying in Kuala Lumpur because I’m too scared to start my life there,so I travel from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur every single day.It’s tiring but its cheaper and I prefer to be around my family for the time being because when I get married later,It’s hard for me to stay with them for a longer time anymore.So,better use this chance to the max!! ;-) for your info,I reached my office early than people live in Kuala Lumpur. Good huh?? heeeee..

When you already become a career woman,I believed some people tend to start worried about their personality especially their image. They want to look good and well-prepared every time they go to work.It’s same goes with me. I am really cautious what people think about my clothes . I never work in the office before,so I always observed what people wear and take note..(Struggle kn??Hahaha). Last week,I wear this very shiny tudung with lots of glitters..Suddenly I felt regret wearing it because it too shiny and might not suitable to wear in the office. So,on my way to office,I stop at KL Central to buy new tudung. But I’m so disappointed because no shop is open yet (ofkosla kn..baru pukul 730 Because I don’t have any other alternative I just go with it.So, when I arrived lots of people love my tudung and said it’s very nice and look good on me. I’m so happy no damaged is made…Haha..In conclusion,your look is your style.Don’t worry too  much on what people will say about it. ;-)

coat 3

Oh..its already lunch time..Need to eat..I will continue writing when I have time okey…Don’t miss me.. :-p

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Alhamdulillah...Pejam celik,pejam celik dah hampir sebulan kita puasa.Jadi,saya mengambil kesempatan ini ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf segala salah silap.Jika ada terlanjur kata dalam blog ini harap  dimaafkan.Semoga raya tahun ini akan membawa seribu makna untuk kita semua..Pesanan saya:

1)Hati-hati memandu di jalan raya okey .Ingat orang tersayang tu(dituju kepada gurl n boy anda,parents,adik-beradik).

2)Raya nanti,jemputlah datang rumah.

3)Jangan lupa bermaaf-maafan dengan keluarga dan sahabat andai ye.

4)Akhir sekali,nak duit raye!!!! =p