Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now, there is a chance for me

In my previous post I had mentioned about “chance” and guess what..Now, here it comes! And it is really a BIG chance.. When I break the news to my parents and my siblings..All of them just said..”Wow”… “Go for it Angah!!!”

During that time I was like really blur cause I never expected this.. I was waiting for another good news but with Allah fate, you will never know what’s wait for you..So,with a great consideration here and there…plus doing istikharah I made decision to go for it.. But of course I have to attend interview and if I pass..I will get it…Please pray for me my blogger friends out there.. But if I not pass, I guess I will wait for another position..Hopefully, there is one that suit me…
Rezeki itu sudah Allah tentukan. Kita sebagai umat perbanyakkan berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

I also talked to my friend, bob form mrsm yesterday and he said “Kalau ko dapat,ko jadi anak dara kaye la!..” wooot woot.. lol.. He said that because his sister got this scheme from the same place . She’s so lucky!! She can buy car by cash!!hoho…*I love money..well who doesn’t?? :-p *

p/s: There is one visiter from Texas,US .. If you read this post..plz PM me… I want to know you.. I don’t have friends study in US so I wonder who you are… Thanks alot cause always visit my blog… :-) I want to ask you many2 things such as how’s life in US.. who know’s I might got a chance to go there oneday and meet you!..


  1. hmm...apakah jenis pekerjaan yang ko dapat ni sampai boleh jadi anak dara kaya?? (tanya dengan nada cemburu dan curious)

  2. kepada"aku komen kali ketiga": x payah la cemburu...aku pon x sure dpt lg nie..haha..jadi tutor kt universiti n finally jd lecturer..hoho..klu aku cite gaji die kat ko mst ko pengsan...haha

  3. aku doakan yang terbaik untuk ko!
    dah dah tak yah cerita kat aku pasal gaji la kalo gitu...aku tak nak pengsan

  4. terima kasih sahabatku...aku pon doakan yang terbaik buat ko...hehe...saje je ckp ko pengsan...padahal xde pon jadi cmtuh..