Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I found Mr. Fluffy

Okey.. Don’t get me wrong here guys. Mt fluffy is not my bf. Actually, for those who watch Despicable Me movie might get some clue about who is this Mr Fluffy.. hehe..  Actually,there is one scene where Agnes want this fluffy teddy bear (look like Unicorn) and scream when she sees it for the first time. She said.. “Its so fluffy, I’m gonna dieeeeeee!!!!” So cute.. :-) Here’s the video.. I watched it again and again and again.. Until my sis said.. “Tak boring ke??” =p


So..funny rite??  and damn cute!! Those who haven’t watch this movie yet..Go and watch it..It’s so funny I can’t stop laughing for almost 2 hours. I watched it few weeks ago with Taufik (ofkoslah die sentiase and my sis.. Then, last week I went to KLCC after my interview and guess what I found.. Mr Fluffy!! Here is the picture..I know is not the same but it does look like Unicorn.



  1. Rajin benor ko gi KLCC :D
    Kalo best nak tengok la.. ehe

  2. Fath..sile tgk..sgt30 mengalakkan!!!haha...klaka giler cite nie...mmg x henti2 aku gelak..

    KLCC-yup..aku minah dalam taun nie ntah bape kali pegi smpai lost count!! aku mmg da hafal kedai2 kat situ tau..

  3. Wah. Aku penah pegi sekali je, time sekolah dulu. Haha.
    Nanti aku nak pegi gak, tengok2 apa ada kat sana..

  4. pegi2...hehe..sane klu byk duit shopping sgt besh!!.aku sgt ske kedai Top Shop..All vintage clothes..sgt cntk!

  5. tak comel pun teddy tu. takde semngat nak tgk cerita kartun segan pun ade.huhu

  6. klu xnak tgk kat la movie nih...sure x giler n klaka!