Friday, July 9, 2010

2 Things Bloggers should know…

Do you want your blog to grow, increase your readership and subscriber numbers and have your content constantly spread?? Well,here are two ways that can make that happen.. Well,not exactly but it can keep your current visitors still visit your blog.. :)

1. Blog Obese..

Well not only people will get obese but blog too! When you have too many widgets and large pictures and videos in your blog,it can make your blog become heavy. So, when this happen, your visitors might have a hard time load to your web page. And lastly,getting bored and irritating and they might not come again. Well,what a waste!! So,here its an application to check whether your blog is obese or not.. CLICK HERE.. You just need to copy paste your blog address and click check!.. Example:


2. Autoplay Player

This is the most annoying application for blog. If you really want to put player in your blog, you should make sure your autoplay is off. Let the visitors click the player themselves. Autoplay player can really shocked people you know. I constantly have this experience and I hate it. Thank God I don’t have heart attack. Everytime I want to surf those blogs I make sure I mute my volume first..

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