Friday, July 23, 2010

OST ILUSI- Cinta Terakhir by Aiman


Wow..this song really touch my heart.

Kau cinta pertamaku
Kau cinta terakhirku
Tiada apa yang bisa ku nafikan kasih kita
Kau air dimataku

Satu antara seribu
Tiada antara di dunia
Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir

{Ulang kedua-dua rangkap di atas}

Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan
Segalanya ketentuan tuhan

Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir
Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan

Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir
Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan
Segalanya ketentuan tuhan

Segalanya ketentuan tuhan....


I’ve been listening to this song non-stop today. The lyrics makes my heart felt so low . It reminds me about what happened a year ago. When everything so blur and hurt too much.

That times, I felt so lost. Couldn’t even bear the pain that hit me soo bad. I never showed it to the world. It hurt every time I talked about it but now I’m cool with it. Time does recover all the pains. I got all the help I need  from Kepochis especially Wa . Thank you Wa!! :-) I never blame anyone for this. I believed everything happened has its own meaning. Positive thinking helps alot. Trust me.

I still remembered this advised from someone  during my “lost” time. His words were good.

“Every relationship has 50:50 chances to be successful. You cannot always think every relationship will always last forever” .


p/s: I’m such a hopeless romantic person during that time.. :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I found Mr. Fluffy

Okey.. Don’t get me wrong here guys. Mt fluffy is not my bf. Actually, for those who watch Despicable Me movie might get some clue about who is this Mr Fluffy.. hehe..  Actually,there is one scene where Agnes want this fluffy teddy bear (look like Unicorn) and scream when she sees it for the first time. She said.. “Its so fluffy, I’m gonna dieeeeeee!!!!” So cute.. :-) Here’s the video.. I watched it again and again and again.. Until my sis said.. “Tak boring ke??” =p


So..funny rite??  and damn cute!! Those who haven’t watch this movie yet..Go and watch it..It’s so funny I can’t stop laughing for almost 2 hours. I watched it few weeks ago with Taufik (ofkoslah die sentiase and my sis.. Then, last week I went to KLCC after my interview and guess what I found.. Mr Fluffy!! Here is the picture..I know is not the same but it does look like Unicorn.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lets check your stress level

Lately my life been pretty stressed out due to my mind couldn't stop thinking about future. Everything felt so uncertain so that’s why I’m a little bit stress out.. But,its okey..I’m just a person who thinks hard and worry too much..Other than that,I’m perfectly fine.. lol

During my blog walking, I found out about this one picture can indicate stress. Well,do you want to know how it works??




Okey, This photo is claimed to be able to indicate whether you are stressful or not. The illustration is static, however if you found that it's moving, it indicates that you are stressful. The faster the movement, the more stressful you are. It is claimed that the young and old people will find the illustration to be as static as still water. I have no idea how true it is. So lets try and check out your stress level.

For me: How many times I try to look at it, I still find this picture is moving at a very slow motion like slow motion movie..haha How bout you guys??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Emo Quotation~

“There's a point in your life, when you get tired of chasing someone & trying to fix everything... But its not giving up... Its realizing that you don’t need certain people, the bullshit & the drama they bring...”

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 Things Bloggers should know…

Do you want your blog to grow, increase your readership and subscriber numbers and have your content constantly spread?? Well,here are two ways that can make that happen.. Well,not exactly but it can keep your current visitors still visit your blog.. :)

1. Blog Obese..

Well not only people will get obese but blog too! When you have too many widgets and large pictures and videos in your blog,it can make your blog become heavy. So, when this happen, your visitors might have a hard time load to your web page. And lastly,getting bored and irritating and they might not come again. Well,what a waste!! So,here its an application to check whether your blog is obese or not.. CLICK HERE.. You just need to copy paste your blog address and click check!.. Example:


2. Autoplay Player

This is the most annoying application for blog. If you really want to put player in your blog, you should make sure your autoplay is off. Let the visitors click the player themselves. Autoplay player can really shocked people you know. I constantly have this experience and I hate it. Thank God I don’t have heart attack. Everytime I want to surf those blogs I make sure I mute my volume first..

Doa yang indah

Post ini rasanya akan menjadi post yang menarik kerana saya akan berkongsi satu doa yang cukup indah buat insan-insan yang terluka hatinya di luar sana..Yang masih berharap pada satu yang tak pasti… Hati yang luka dan kecewa bukan mudah diubati… Saya juga telah mengalaminya dan mengambil masa lama untuk pulih seperti biasa..

Tapi semua ada hikmahnya…Saya juga yakin dengan setiap yang berlaku tidak kira sedih atau gembira..Semuanya ada makna tersendiri. Pada hati-hati yang luka..ubatilah luka anda dengan berdoa. Doa yang saya nak kongsi cukup indah… Cukup menyayat hati… Cukup memenangkan hati yang sedang berduka… Dan doa ini juga sesuai di baca ketika membuat solat istikharah untuk  meminta petunjuk Yang Maha Esa..

Ya Allah.......Seandainya telah engkau catatkan dia adalah milikku, dia tercipta untukku, satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku. Titipkanlah kebahagiaan antara kami, agar kemesraan itu abadi.

Dan Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih, seiringkanlah kami melayari hdup ini kesepian yang sejahtera dan abadi.......tetapi Ya Allah......Seandainya telah engkau takdirkan dia bukan milikku......bawalah ia jauh dari pandanganku....luputlah ia dari ingatanku. Dan peliharalah aku dari kekecewaan serta Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti. Berikanlah aku kekuatan melontar bayangannya ke dada langit........... Hilang bersama senja nan merah, agarku bisa bahagia, walaupun tanpa bersama dengannya

Dan Ya Allah yang tercinta........Gantilah yang telah hilang, tumbuhkanlah kembali yang telah patah. Walaupun tak sama dengan dirinya.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, pasrahkanlah aku dengan takdirMU. Sesungguhnya apa yang telah engkau takdirkan adalah yang terbaik buatku kerana Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala yang terbaik, buat hambamu ini....

Ya Allah, cukuplah engkau sahaja yang menjadi pemeliharaku di dunia dan Akhirat....dengarlah rintahan hambaMu yang dhaif ini, jangan engkau biarkan aku sendirian di dunia ini, mahupun di Akhirat.....Menjurus aku ke arah kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran.

Maka, kurniakanlah aku seorang yang beriman supaya aku dan dia sama-sama dapat membina kesejahteraan hidup...kejalan yang Engkau redhai...dah kurniakanlah aku keturunan yang soleh..

Sungguh sayu membacanya… Semoga menjadi amalan buat semua… Sekian.. :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now, there is a chance for me

In my previous post I had mentioned about “chance” and guess what..Now, here it comes! And it is really a BIG chance.. When I break the news to my parents and my siblings..All of them just said..”Wow”… “Go for it Angah!!!”

During that time I was like really blur cause I never expected this.. I was waiting for another good news but with Allah fate, you will never know what’s wait for you..So,with a great consideration here and there…plus doing istikharah I made decision to go for it.. But of course I have to attend interview and if I pass..I will get it…Please pray for me my blogger friends out there.. But if I not pass, I guess I will wait for another position..Hopefully, there is one that suit me…
Rezeki itu sudah Allah tentukan. Kita sebagai umat perbanyakkan berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

I also talked to my friend, bob form mrsm yesterday and he said “Kalau ko dapat,ko jadi anak dara kaye la!..” wooot woot.. lol.. He said that because his sister got this scheme from the same place . She’s so lucky!! She can buy car by cash!!hoho…*I love money..well who doesn’t?? :-p *

p/s: There is one visiter from Texas,US .. If you read this post..plz PM me… I want to know you.. I don’t have friends study in US so I wonder who you are… Thanks alot cause always visit my blog… :-) I want to ask you many2 things such as how’s life in US.. who know’s I might got a chance to go there oneday and meet you!..