Saturday, April 17, 2010


My blog is like a diary. I loves to share what I feel or think with my readers. It’s completes my days. Today, when I just came back from Alamanda with my housemates..Diela break a news to me…

diela: Kema, senarai viva da keluar…weh,ko dapat Dr.Shiran. Nasib ko tak buat histophatology.

me: wah,yeke..(dalam hati berbunga  je sebab Dr. Shiran tu handsome)..haha..*sure boleh cuci mata masa tengah presentation*

Viva is actually a day where you have to present your result for final year project in front of 3 lecturers. It’s such a nightmare! You need to be well prepared or else you are just dead is on the 27th. A day earlier than everybody else. :-(

My another two lecturers are Dr Abdah who is specialize in Biochemistry while the other one is Dr Saidi, the well known lecturer for statistics.

I'm so scared knowing that Dr.Saidi is actually one of my panel for viva. waaa…He is so good at statistics while I'm so bad at it.. My results required me to do some statistics but I'm not sure whether  it was right or not. ..Aiyaa! *die*

p/s: Hoping that everything will turn out okay on that day…Please oh please!!

Dengar lagu nie berpuluh-puluh kali sehari…sebab best..


  1. Goodluck to you too my dear..oh fath...sapekah panel anda?

  2. Thanks kema!
    Dr. Roslida, Dr. Zuraini, Dr. Yusoff.