Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh my Jay Sean!

I think I'm going crazy right now because i keep playing Jay Sean MV again and again and again!..Man,I think I'm in love with him..haha…I really like guys who are tall, dark and handsome. :-)

Actually before this I don't really like guys who have face like Bollywood star. I don't find them interesting but I know now I’ve change my mind..haha.. I do like them. :-) I love Jay Sean a lot!

You know, I should start studying right now but I just can’t. I want to look at him every single minutes! I even put his picture on my wallpaper…How can I focus on my study if I'm in love,its hard you keep downloading all his videos especially now I know he can sing in Hindi.…He was born and raise in England but his mom and dad are from India. So, he still know how to speak Punjabi. I can understand a little bit of Hindi language because I used to watch a lot of  Hindi movies before.

Okay,back to Jay Sean again. My housemates kind of notice my craziness over him and said:
Yatie: Kema,baca nota ke baca Jay Sean????

Saadah: Kema ni pegang nota tapi asyik tatap muka Jay Sean dalam komputer tu..

So, now can you all imagine how crazy I am over him..Haha..Enough said..Go back to study~

~My current wallpaper~

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