Monday, April 12, 2010

new hobby

lately, I'm so eager to play guitar.. i want to have my very own “ACOUSTIC GUITAR”..cant wait to buy it as soon as i finish my final exam…hehehe…

been searching for the guitar for a quite while now…have no idea how much it costs but some source said that it should be under rm200. that’s good right!! :-)

and i also already called my music teacher to ask about the guitar classes!hahah…(semangatkn?) I'm going to YAMAHA music class…I've been there since primary school with my cousin and we both studied piano ..

hopefully, I can make my dream come true to play guitar. This will be my new hobby during the holiday later..cant wait, cant wait!!!

later if I'm really good at playing the guitar I will upload the best videos on  YouTube ..Okey? .. hehehehe ...But I’m just not sure how long you guys have to wait for it to!



  1. best ni...hidup kena ada passion..

    aku main tak pandai2 lg

  2. btol...passion makes your life interesting..wah,bestnye penah main...aku satu pon xreti.. :-(