Monday, April 12, 2010

my dad is not well today

I'm so worried if anybody close to me get sick.. i know i should not worry but my mind wouldn't listen to me at all…What strange is that, I will feel like crying when talking with the sick person. I do not know why but that is what always happens.. I guess I'm just a sensitive person.

Talk to my dad just now, he said he was not feeling well the past few days. He even got MC today…I'm so damn worry right now… I couldn't focus on my revision. Ya Allah…Give me the strength to study and pass my exam with flying colours.Amin….

I advised him not to forget the medication, rest often and put Cool Fever on the head so the temperature will went down a little bit. Not to forget, apply a bit of Vicks around the neck and chest so that he could go to sleep easily. Drinks plenty of water is a must I told him. Hopefully, he will listen to me.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I get worried so easily. No matter who is sick, especially family and friends, I will feel the pain even though they are  the one who sick. I just don't understand myself.

Bak kata pepatah melayu “ cubit peha kiri,peha kanan terasa sakitnya juga”


  1. Kema, aku pun sama macam kau..
    Aku akan sangat risau kalau orang yang dekat / rapat dengan aku sakit..

    Semoga ayah kau cepat baik!

  2. yeke? same pulak...tulah,bile da risau,aku xle study...rase macam nak nangis je 24jam tp x nangis la...hehehe

    thanx fath! ko sangat baik hati..