Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hectic Week!

Yes..it’s going to be the most hectic and unforgettable week of my life!!…Well,it’s a bit exaggerated there..Haha..”Kema’s life is always full of hyperbola as they said* :-)

If looking at FB status, everybody is hoping that April month will end faster. I absolutely agreed with that statement by the way. I hate April 2010 as much as they hate it. Gosh! Lots and lots of bad things happened during this month. I was having a hard time to sleep and no mood to eat at all..I lost few kilo’s and I'm not happy with that.

My friends kind of notice and been asking why I look so sad. I used to be the most happening girl. I always laugh and smile. If you guys read this post,I want to explain it here..I know most of you would think like this.. “Nak tau Kema okay ke tak..bace blog die” ..Haha…

“Guys..thanks cause care and worried about me. Thanks for asking whether I'm fine or not. I'm fine,thank you..Nothing bad happened in my life..I'm being honest here. Just maybe I'm kinda stressing out due to overloaded work and assignments. Besides that, everything’s fine. I'm still happening as I used to be. I can still make jokes right?? So,that’s mean I'm fine. If I'm really not okay,I wouldn't be talking with all of you. I’ll just be quiet and isolate myself. But I'm still talkative and laugh a lot. So,that are the signs showing  that I'm actually okay”

My schedules for this week:


2.Wednesday-last paper for my undergrad study

3.Friday- interview for lecturer position..it’s my first time going for a real interview

4.Saturday- reunion!! woot..woot…looking forward for that..

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