Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel quite happy today because I just finished my most difficult exam ever *Not that difficult*..Yeay! Only one paper left and then I'm done…Four years of study and now it’s going to be over soon..Cool!

I called my mom today.Its been awhile since I’ve called my mom and she’s actually so angry at me cause I didn't call her like about a week! I used to call my dad a lot lately and my mom being jealous. Haha..Cute! Previously, I love to talk to my mom if I’ve something bothering me but now everything seems to change. I choose my dad instead of my mom..Its not that I'm not close to her, it’s just i want to spicy things up..Haha..*beralih angin orang tua-tua kata* :-) (bak kate ustaz Fauzi, anak kedua sangat pelik..Hehe..)

A memorable moment :

Last night I asked Yatie Sajali to wake me up for Subuh prayer ..So…the next morning (today)..

Yatie came to my room  and..

“Wife Jay Sean..bangun..bangun..!” *high pitch*

I tried to open my eyes even though I’m still  sleepy…and then I smile to her…

“Hehe :-)” *dia gelak* Happy sebab dapat buat Kema senyum pagi-pagi ni”

And then I replied..

Yatie..thanks… :-)

P/s: Huwaaaaa :-(… after this I'm surely going to miss you…


  1. setuju sangat dengan ustaz tu haha...anak kedua memang pelik

  2. first time ko,anak kedua ke ko nie?? *just wondering*

  3. mak kata saya anak yang pelik tapi cute wakaka!

  4. haha..sume anak kedua pelik+cantik+kacak...kn3?? *perasan*