Thursday, April 15, 2010

Half relieved

First of all, i want to express my gratitude to all my dear friends who pray for my dad health …Thank a lot! I was so touched by all of  your concerned. :-) My dad is getting better. I called him last night and he said he’s fine now. He followed all my advised and he’s getting better and better by day. So, that is why i am a bit relieve now. (tidak sia-sia ilmu medic saya)

Another reason is that, I already finished my first exam today. The questions was a bit hard. But who cares, I already answered it. Hahaa… Got another exam next week. This paper is much harder than today’s paper. I need to start study right now..owh, wait! No study tonight, only watching movies is allowed…hahaha…(crazy mode)

Two things I want to share with all of you who read my blog…

1st: “Every hardship, will be accompanied by the enjoyment of those who persevere through it”..
Words from me: Let us not despair if affected by problems and difficulties, because everything that comes has certain meaning..Maybe it is just a test for us to be strong and believe in  Allah.

2nd: “Good things happens for those who waits” …
Words from me: Patience is half of faith. If we see someone else is successful and happy but we are not , don’t be sad if we do not have it now. Remember, if we are patient and have faith in Allah, certainly there will be time we are successful and happy too.


  1. yup! I'm so agree with your last sentence Kema.. :-)
    Everyone will be rewarded happiness by Allah as long as we maintain
    our faith towards Him no matter what happen, either good or bad..
    Just the way of receiving the happiness is different for every person..
    Just be grateful for what we have and not despair when seeing someone
    have something more than us.. Appreciate everything that happen around
    us as every Allah's creation and planning have its own vindication.. :-)

  2. Well said Ain! Love all your words.. :-)

  3. Good things come to those who wait..
    That's so true..

  4. sangat btl fath..nie kate2 dr member aku..