Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glad to have you as my friend

Oh, I just feel like writing again today.. Nothing important actually, just to remind me on how lucky I am because I have lots of good friends around me.

First,of course my “Joyah” friends for ever. Hee… Or in simple ways to called it as “Kgv Gang”. Love them so much!! Always laugh until tired when we all get together. Even my sis said I’ve lots of crazy friends!Haha.. Let me write their name one by one.


*P/S: Jangan kawin cepat sangat tau korang,nanti susah nak keluar berkarok,bermandi-manda, menonton wayang and berkelah lagi bersama..Oh,tak lupe juga saat melancong bersama* :-)


Yesterday,I talked to one my dearest friend named Zaid. He such a nice guy..hehehe…Never gets tired to tease me. (sejak dari sekolah tau!) Try his best to get my adrenaline up and then lastly he said he was just joking and flirting..Haha..Naughty, But I like that.. :-)  He knows something bothering me all this while and try  to comfort me. Again, thank you. Actually, He is not well.(banyak pule orang sakit lately)…. I hope you recover soon.  ….*tak lupe,semoga cepat-cepat dapat keje eh*…Amin…

z1~Zack, I took this picture from your FB tau.Again, You look handsome in this picture.Haha~

Last but not least, my housemate (Saadah,Yatie,Diela,Piah,Zmah and Hazira). Sadly, only 3 weeks left for us to be housemate. Oh, now I feel like crying. We always been together during our 4 years of study in UPM. Eat together,go to class together,gossiping and having fun! I’m surely going to miss you guys. *Sayu*

But according to our best drama queen, Hazira.. She said to us “Don’t be sad, we will meet again during our convocation day”.

Special for my housemate:Thank you all for being good friends. I will never forget all the sweet memories . Thanks again for being there when I'm sick and sad. Thanks for helping me whenever I needed you guys the most.Thank you and thank you so much!!!



~Good friends are hard to find and I'm glad I met all of you.~ *nangis*


  1. hahha,
    yeah...i do appreciate our friendship too =)
    pls: tolonglah, hazirah dah nak turun takhta, dh nak turun stage dah tu haha..sampai 7 mei je dier drama queen..huhu

  2. hahahaha..hazira tue sampai bile2 pon akan jd drama queen yatie..kema yakin!

  3. Glad to have u too dear.. :-)

  4. ain..sayang ko sangat..hope oneday,dapat join ko disana and we will be housemate...*angan2*

  5. sad....sob....sob....tgl 3x jumaat je ni....pasni da ssh nk jmpe da..w'pon xjmpe tp still bole contact2....hope our friendship 'LL never end~@~~~

  6. nangis jugak diela...huwaaa.... :-) sedih wei nak tgglkn korang...hope ko jgn lupe halo-halo aku ye...3 jumaat?? bunyi cm nak mati je..hahaha...papepon friends for ever yeah~ :-)

  7. ouh terharu... iyo nk gk jd housemate ain... n koma...

  8. we will fine day..all of us will be housemates..Amin...