Tuesday, April 6, 2010

final exam…and i mean it as FINAL…=)

wow..almost 4 years now..how time fly so fast…suddenly i felt so sad…I'm going to leave UPM soon…only 1 month left…

later I'm going to enter the REAL world…I'm so excited already just only think about it..^_^…lately, i learn how to be independent, learn to do some make up(lol!)..learn how to approach people effectively…learn everything i need to survive out there…

sure i do not know what would happen in the future,but i could pray for the best..i set my own goal…everybody should, i guess..if not, you will live for nothing…

*eh,tetibe macam lari dari tajuk…hahahaha….(malaslah delete ayat atas nih)

well, next week I’ve my first paper..Life Cycle…wish me luck guys..really need it…(work hard Kema..you can do it!)… i always remind myself like that…it works like a charm! :-)

to all Biomedic Final Year students, Good Luck guys….

To fathchan….I'm going to miss you after this…i might stop/give up on blogging.. :-( .. (lets hope i will change my mind)…not to forget, good luck dear for final+viva+future!


  1. Oh kema..
    How sweet of you to mention me in this post :)
    I'm going to miss you too.. It's okay, we can still keep in touch via phone..
    Good luck to you too! For everything!

  2. fath...im sad...so sad thinking we all going to leave undergrad life soon..im going to miss you and everyone... :-(

  3. Aku pun rasa yang sama..
    Setiap hari mesti terlintas difikiran yang kita dah tak lama dah dapat sama2 kat sini..
    Tapi aku senyap je..
    Apa boleh buat..

  4. yeke...rasenye sume org pon rase x...emokn tetibe...hahaha

  5. Hehe.. diorang pun rasa jugak...
    Perkara biasa kot.. yelah 4 tahun same2.. :)