Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hectic Week!

Yes..it’s going to be the most hectic and unforgettable week of my life!!…Well,it’s a bit exaggerated there..Haha..”Kema’s life is always full of hyperbola as they said* :-)

If looking at FB status, everybody is hoping that April month will end faster. I absolutely agreed with that statement by the way. I hate April 2010 as much as they hate it. Gosh! Lots and lots of bad things happened during this month. I was having a hard time to sleep and no mood to eat at all..I lost few kilo’s and I'm not happy with that.

My friends kind of notice and been asking why I look so sad. I used to be the most happening girl. I always laugh and smile. If you guys read this post,I want to explain it here..I know most of you would think like this.. “Nak tau Kema okay ke tak..bace blog die” ..Haha…

“Guys..thanks cause care and worried about me. Thanks for asking whether I'm fine or not. I'm fine,thank you..Nothing bad happened in my life..I'm being honest here. Just maybe I'm kinda stressing out due to overloaded work and assignments. Besides that, everything’s fine. I'm still happening as I used to be. I can still make jokes right?? So,that’s mean I'm fine. If I'm really not okay,I wouldn't be talking with all of you. I’ll just be quiet and isolate myself. But I'm still talkative and laugh a lot. So,that are the signs showing  that I'm actually okay”

My schedules for this week:


2.Wednesday-last paper for my undergrad study

3.Friday- interview for lecturer position..it’s my first time going for a real interview

4.Saturday- reunion!! woot..woot…looking forward for that..

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel quite happy today because I just finished my most difficult exam ever *Not that difficult actually..lol*..Yeay! Only one paper left and then I'm done…Four years of study and now it’s going to be over soon..Cool!

I called my mom today.Its been awhile since I’ve called my mom and she’s actually so angry at me cause I didn't call her like about a week! I used to call my dad a lot lately and my mom being jealous. Haha..Cute! Previously, I love to talk to my mom if I’ve something bothering me but now everything seems to change. I choose my dad instead of my mom..Its not that I'm not close to her, it’s just i want to spicy things up..Haha..*beralih angin orang tua-tua kata* :-) (bak kate ustaz Fauzi, anak kedua sangat pelik..Hehe..)

A memorable moment :

Last night I asked Yatie Sajali to wake me up for Subuh prayer ..So…the next morning (today)..

Yatie came to my room  and..

“Wife Jay Sean..bangun..bangun..!” *high pitch*

I tried to open my eyes even though I’m still  sleepy…and then I smile to her…

“Hehe :-)” *dia gelak* Happy sebab dapat buat Kema senyum pagi-pagi ni”

And then I replied..

Yatie..thanks… :-)

P/s: Huwaaaaa :-(… after this I'm surely going to miss you…

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh my Jay Sean!

I think I'm going crazy right now because i keep playing Jay Sean MV again and again and again!..Man,I think I'm in love with him..haha…I really like guys who are tall, dark and handsome. :-)

Actually before this I don't really like guys who have face like Bollywood star. I don't find them interesting but I know now I’ve change my mind..haha.. I do like them. :-) I love Jay Sean a lot!

You know, I should start studying right now but I just can’t. I want to look at him every single minutes! I even put his picture on my wallpaper…How can I focus on my study if I'm in love,its hard you know..lol..I keep downloading all his videos especially now I know he can sing in Hindi.…He was born and raise in England but his mom and dad are from India. So, he still know how to speak Punjabi. I can understand a little bit of Hindi language because I used to watch a lot of  Hindi movies before.

Okay,back to Jay Sean again. My housemates kind of notice my craziness over him and said:
Yatie: Kema,baca nota ke baca Jay Sean????

Saadah: Kema ni pegang nota tapi asyik tatap muka Jay Sean dalam komputer tu..

So, now can you all imagine how crazy I am over him..Haha..Enough said..Go back to study~

~My current wallpaper~

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My blog is like a diary. I loves to share what I feel or think with my readers. It’s completes my days. Today, when I just came back from Alamanda with my housemates..Diela break a news to me…

diela: Kema, senarai viva da keluar…weh,ko dapat Dr.Shiran. Nasib ko tak buat histophatology.

me: wah,yeke..(dalam hati berbunga  je sebab Dr. Shiran tu handsome)..haha..*sure boleh cuci mata masa tengah presentation*

Viva is actually a day where you have to present your result for final year project in front of 3 lecturers. It’s such a nightmare! You need to be well prepared or else you are just dead meat..lol..Mine is on the 27th. A day earlier than everybody else. :-(

My another two lecturers are Dr Abdah who is specialize in Biochemistry while the other one is Dr Saidi, the well known lecturer for statistics.

I'm so scared knowing that Dr.Saidi is actually one of my panel for viva. waaa…He is so good at statistics while I'm so bad at it.. My results required me to do some statistics but I'm not sure whether  it was right or not. ..Aiyaa! *die*

p/s: Hoping that everything will turn out okay on that day…Please oh please!!

Dengar lagu nie berpuluh-puluh kali sehari…sebab best..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glad to have you as my friend

Oh, I just feel like writing again today.. Nothing important actually, just to remind me on how lucky I am because I have lots of good friends around me.

First,of course my “Joyah” friends for ever. Hee… Or in simple ways to called it as “Kgv Gang”. Love them so much!! Always laugh until tired when we all get together. Even my sis said I’ve lots of crazy friends!Haha.. Let me write their name one by one.


*P/S: Jangan kawin cepat sangat tau korang,nanti susah nak keluar berkarok,bermandi-manda, menonton wayang and berkelah lagi bersama..Oh,tak lupe juga saat melancong bersama* :-)


Yesterday,I talked to one my dearest friend named Zaid. He such a nice guy..hehehe…Never gets tired to tease me. (sejak dari sekolah tau!) Try his best to get my adrenaline up and then lastly he said he was just joking and flirting..Haha..Naughty, But I like that.. :-)  He knows something bothering me all this while and try  to comfort me. Again, thank you. Actually, He is not well.(banyak pule orang sakit lately)…. I hope you recover soon.  ….*tak lupe,semoga cepat-cepat dapat keje eh*…Amin…

z1~Zack, I took this picture from your FB tau.Again, You look handsome in this picture.Haha~

Last but not least, my housemate (Saadah,Yatie,Diela,Piah,Zmah and Hazira). Sadly, only 3 weeks left for us to be housemate. Oh, now I feel like crying. We always been together during our 4 years of study in UPM. Eat together,go to class together,gossiping and having fun! I’m surely going to miss you guys. *Sayu*

But according to our best drama queen, Hazira.. She said to us “Don’t be sad, we will meet again during our convocation day”.

Special for my housemate:Thank you all for being good friends. I will never forget all the sweet memories . Thanks again for being there when I'm sick and sad. Thanks for helping me whenever I needed you guys the most.Thank you and thank you so much!!!



~Good friends are hard to find and I'm glad I met all of you.~ *nangis*

Half relieved

First of all, i want to express my gratitude to all my dear friends who pray for my dad health …Thank a lot! I was so touched by all of  your concerned. :-) My dad is getting better. I called him last night and he said he’s fine now. He followed all my advised and he’s getting better and better by day. So, that is why i am a bit relieve now. (tidak sia-sia ilmu medic saya)

Another reason is that, I already finished my first exam today. The questions was a bit hard. But who cares, I already answered it. Hahaa… Got another exam next week. This paper is much harder than today’s paper. I need to start study right now..owh, wait! No study tonight, only watching movies is allowed…hahaha…(crazy mode)

Two things I want to share with all of you who read my blog…

1st: “Every hardship, will be accompanied by the enjoyment of those who persevere through it”..
Words from me: Let us not despair if affected by problems and difficulties, because everything that comes has certain meaning..Maybe it is just a test for us to be strong and believe in  Allah.

2nd: “Good things happens for those who waits” …
Words from me: Patience is half of faith. If we see someone else is successful and happy but we are not , don’t be sad if we do not have it now. Remember, if we are patient and have faith in Allah, certainly there will be time we are successful and happy too.

Monday, April 12, 2010

my dad is not well today

I'm so worried if anybody close to me get sick.. i know i should not worry but my mind wouldn't listen to me at all…What strange is that, I will feel like crying when talking with the sick person. I do not know why but that is what always happens.. I guess I'm just a sensitive person.

Talk to my dad just now, he said he was not feeling well the past few days. He even got MC today…I'm so damn worry right now… I couldn't focus on my revision. Ya Allah…Give me the strength to study and pass my exam with flying colours.Amin….

I advised him not to forget the medication, rest often and put Cool Fever on the head so the temperature will went down a little bit. Not to forget, apply a bit of Vicks around the neck and chest so that he could go to sleep easily. Drinks plenty of water is a must I told him. Hopefully, he will listen to me.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I get worried so easily. No matter who is sick, especially family and friends, I will feel the pain even though they are  the one who sick. I just don't understand myself.

Bak kata pepatah melayu “ cubit peha kiri,peha kanan terasa sakitnya juga”

new hobby

lately, I'm so eager to play guitar.. i want to have my very own “ACOUSTIC GUITAR”..cant wait to buy it as soon as i finish my final exam…hehehe…

been searching for the guitar for a quite while now…have no idea how much it costs but some source said that it should be under rm200. that’s good right!! :-)

and i also already called my music teacher to ask about the guitar classes!hahah…(semangatkn?) I'm going to YAMAHA music class…I've been there since primary school with my cousin and we both studied piano ..

hopefully, I can make my dream come true to play guitar. This will be my new hobby during the holiday later..cant wait, cant wait!!!

later if I'm really good at playing the guitar I will upload the best videos on  YouTube ..Okey? .. hehehehe ...But I’m just not sure how long you guys have to wait for it to happen..lol!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

final exam…and i mean it as FINAL…=)

wow..almost 4 years now..how time fly so fast…suddenly i felt so sad…I'm going to leave UPM soon…only 1 month left…

later I'm going to enter the REAL world…I'm so excited already just only think about it..^_^…lately, i learn how to be independent, learn to do some make up(lol!)..learn how to approach people effectively…learn everything i need to survive out there…

sure i do not know what would happen in the future,but i could pray for the best..i set my own goal…everybody should, i guess..if not, you will live for nothing…

*eh,tetibe macam lari dari tajuk…hahahaha….(malaslah delete ayat atas nih)

well, next week I’ve my first paper..Life Cycle…wish me luck guys..really need it…(work hard Kema..you can do it!)… i always remind myself like that…it works like a charm! :-)

to all Biomedic Final Year students, Good Luck guys….

To fathchan….I'm going to miss you after this…i might stop/give up on blogging.. :-( .. (lets hope i will change my mind)…not to forget, good luck dear for final+viva+future!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Finally my job done. What a relief!!^_^



All the hard work has finally paid off


Friday, April 2, 2010

pelawak terkenal din beramboi meninggal dunia...

terkejut dengar din beramboi meninggal... aritu saya ade bace pasal beliau masuk hospital kat facebook..tetibe harini tau-tau dah tiada lagi di dunia ini...saya amat meminati beliau sebab lawak beliau memang best abes lah...seronok je tengok..now, tak tahulah sape boleh ganti die lagi..sedihnya...papepon marilah kite sedekah al-fathihah kepadanya..semoga roh beliau tenteram dan dicucuri rahmat...

petikan di bawah diambil dari blog oh malaysia

Sekitar pukul 12.35 malam semalam, pelawak terkenal tanah air, Din Beramboi atau nama sebenarnya Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri, 44, menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir di Hospital Selayang. Kematian Allahyarham disahkan oleh Pengurus Saluran Astro Prima, Nizam Sani. Jenazah beliau telah selamat dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Taman Ehsan, Kepong jam 11 pagi tadi.

Allahyarham sebelum ini dimasukkan ke Wad Rawatan Rapi (ICU) kerana menghidap Dengue Shock Syndrome sudah berada dalam keadaan kritikal sejak petang semalam. Penyakit ini akan menyebabkan pengaliran darah dalam badan terjejas akibat jangkitan virus Denggi. Untuk jangkitan Denggi, tiada ubat yang boleh digunakan untuk melawan virus itu dan prognosis banyak bergantung kepada keadaan pesakit. Menurut adik kepada Din Beramboi, Rozana, 39, virus demam denggi berdarah yang dialami Allahyarham telah merebak ke hati dan buah pinggang, menyebabkan kedua-dua organ itu tidak boleh berfungsi.

Pemergian Allahyarham Din Beramboi pasti dirasai oleh peminat-peminat yang sentiasa tidak kering gusi melihat telatah lucu Allahyarham. Gelanggang Raja Lawak 4 juga yang terakhir dalam karier seni Allahyarham. Selepas ini, tiada lagi kedengaran suara Allahyarham berkumandang di radio ERA untuk segmen Aznil Riuhkan Pagi ERA bersama Din Beramboi. Saya pasti ramai yang akan merindui program Drama Sebabak dan Sawancara kendalian beliau. Sebelum ini, Allahyarham ada menunjukkan tanda-tanda yang beliau akan meninggalkan kita semua, di bawah ini kata-kata Allahyarham di Twitter milik beliau.

Tapi lumrah hidup di dunia, yang hidup pasti akan mati. Dari Allah kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali. Sama-sama kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham Din Beramboi, semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah.

credited also to mSTAR Online, Bernama, dan Karl