Monday, February 22, 2010


aaaa..i hate when i get migraine!!…it hurts so much….i know when i read slide using microscope, i end up having headache…and i got nausea  too…huh..but its okay though…I'm going to finish it soon..hopefully by tomorrow i manage to read all the slides.. i can not stand it anymore…urrrggghhh…

After reading some slides… i quickly when back to my room and try to sleep..i thought by rest awhile it will gone soon but NO…its getting even worst!!..i get up and eat some pills..actually,it is better to avoid eating pills because one day you might be immune to the last resort to ease it during that time is by eating “painkillers”.

for your information, not everybody has this problem…normal people will only have mild headache that will cure if your rest for awhile..but migraine is different last longer…you need medicine to ease it..and lots of rest.

i think i have it because of hereditary..i get this migraine gene from my father..he also has it ..whenever he gets it,it last for few days..but for me it is not that bad because i just need to eat some pills and sleep for few hours..

the bad news is..migraine has no cure..only pills help to ease it..i think if i be able to become a scientist one day..I'm going to find the cure for it..yeah..



  1. isk..ak pun kkdng rse ak de migrain ble pning yg t'amat sgt smpai rse nk muntah..coz mak ak de migraine..ner tau hereditary trun kat ak lak.huhu..kema, sila berehat ye..lg pning kalau ngadap laptop..>.<

  2. la..yeke?klu mak ko ade leh jadi juge ko ade..heee...da kurang nie..2 yang on lappy..nak buat keje yg melambak..haha..wlaupon pning..ku gagahi jua..

  3. Kema! Pegi sini:

  4. da nengok!!!!!excited nie nak bc next melanggan x page ko kat tumblr 2?

  5. Boleh2...

    Ko melanggan ke mane? email ke?

  6. heheh...udah melanggan...jangan lupa di update ya..ketemu kita di tumblr.. :-)