Friday, January 29, 2010

thinking too much

oh..u noe wat…i forgot i got class today..diz morning afta smayang subuh i got back to sleep n set my hp alarm to wake up a bit late…heheh…

but then..suddenly,someone knock my door n there’s yatie my housemate..

“kema,x gi klas ke??”

“oh..ade klas ke…kema lupe la” (act.i was a bit blur dat time n juz say dat)when i totally woke up,i realized dat actually i got class on FRIDAY!!!haha..

its actually 8.45am n class start at 9 am..i quickly get up n get ready to class..i managed to arrive around 9.15am but the lecturer also juz dats mean im not late!!!

its been 6 weeks already but i still cant remember my own schedule…*sigh*

diz happen mayb bcuz i think too much..everyday i keep thinking bout all diz things…when i said everyday..i mean it!! it basically about..

a) when my thesis will finish…

b) can i get A for my Final year Project?

c) what i want to do afta diz? get a job? lepak2? pursue Master?

d) when exactly i want to take my “expensive exam”

e)if i choose master who will sponsor me?

f) when can i buy my “Honda City”

g) am i really can be a good lecturer or should juz choose a job where i can get alot of money

h) i should go somewhere else like  Uk OR something..

i) which top university i should choose if i ever want to pursue my master

j) change my look…no more spectacles…reborn hair even im wearing tudung..change my style…wearing some make up..haha..hope so..

well…u can see soooooo many things going alot in my mind…some said,”go with the flow kema” yes…i like dat..but I've my dream…if i want to achieve it I've to work on it..I've to keep thinking so i will find the solution..mayb plan A,plan B, plan C or even until Plan Z if I've too…

n another headache came today..all students have to present their own thesis for the Biomed to present in front many people..i repeat..”strange people”!! my faculty invited biomed students from others universities to take part in this symposium..aaaaaa… xske!!!!!!xmo…!!

so..disbbkan i dun like dat…i try put on some make up i bought 2day..when shopping again wif my housemate…lost another few hundreds..damn..i’ve never learn to save money…hahaha…

some pictures i took..(mode perasan)..dun comment on my pictures..but wat i like is dat my housemate said i look like Pakistan or Iranian Gurl.. :-) tenkiu guys..muaah!! if u notice my nose look "mancung"..act i dun hv "hidung mancung" but i can teach you how to do it..its simple!!



actually I've some Pakistan blood in my body…my grandpa is pure Pakistan. We also called our uncle in Hindustan Language. also my family love all Pakistan food…if u don't like nenek will said diz:

“ cmne nie,org pakistan x reti makan capati” or “ ha,jangan x makan lauk2 tu “(means kari,sayur yg mmg aneh..but i like dat sayur,manisan)


  1. hahahahaha.. nasib baik idung kau tak macam pelopah kelapo.. bleh la nak ngaku hindustan.. kok macam opik tuh.. tuh tak leh la..

  2. hahahaha..opik jgk nak dikato eh... pelopah kelapo 2 cmno? x phm do...
    mane de aku ckp idung aku mancung..2 sume teknik make up spye nmpk mancung cket..sobonar eh kemek yo..hahahaa

  3. patutlah macam comel...ada aura2 pkistan rupanya!!

    smoebody tried to change mindset...from "follow the flow" to "follow the ultimate goal"///aku masih renung2 kan kata2 dia.huhu

  4. haha..apekah mcm comel???huuu.... dat idea...lets work hard to achieve our ULTIMATE GOAL..

  5. ehehe..cumilnye cik kema kite ni...hamboi2...skli trbang smpi few hundreds??ayoyoo...i never spend so much money for make up dpt jpa xpla..sob3..*sdey*...ahaha...

  6. haha...fathi...aku mmg giler sket bile bshopping...
    eh ko bkn start keje da ke...lg manyak duit dr aku...praktikal aku bp ratus je dpt.. :-(