Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is like to be a career woman…

Its already been a month since I started my job at one of the well known insurance company in Kuala Lumpur. (company name cannot be disclosed here) I have been very busy since then so I have no time to update about my life  here.

I still remembered years ago when I always dream to be hired in a big company in Kuala Lumpur,where I can work in the big tower I’ve seen along the busy road in Kuala Lumpur. Also,I love to see people wearing their sophisticated coat,their long black pants and 3’ inches high heels to work. I said to myself,”I will be like her one day”. And now I am!!! :-)

Enough with my dream, I know all of you really want to know what is my position there right??? Currently, I am the Executive ......................(also cannot disclosed here) This position is  kinda famous in the insurance industry. So,basically my jobs is that I will underwrite all the medical cases for insurance company or in simple ways to say it: I will determine whether the person can buy insurance or not according to their current health status. Everyday,I will read medical reports from doctors.

For now,I’m not staying in Kuala Lumpur because I’m too scared to start my life there,so I travel from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur every single day.It’s tiring but its cheaper and I prefer to be around my family for the time being because when I get married later,It’s hard for me to stay with them for a longer time anymore.So,better use this chance to the max!! ;-) for your info,I reached my office early than people live in Kuala Lumpur. Good huh?? heeeee..

When you already become a career woman,I believed some people tend to start worried about their personality especially their image. They want to look good and well-prepared every time they go to work.It’s same goes with me. I am really cautious what people think about my clothes . I never work in the office before,so I always observed what people wear and take note..(Struggle kn??Hahaha). Last week,I wear this very shiny tudung with lots of glitters..Suddenly I felt regret wearing it because it too shiny and might not suitable to wear in the office. So,on my way to office,I stop at KL Central to buy new tudung. But I’m so disappointed because no shop is open yet (ofkosla kn..baru pukul 730 Because I don’t have any other alternative I just go with it.So, when I arrived lots of people love my tudung and said it’s very nice and look good on me. I’m so happy no damaged is made…Haha..In conclusion,your look is your style.Don’t worry too  much on what people will say about it. ;-)

coat 3

Oh..its already lunch time..Need to eat..I will continue writing when I have time okey…Don’t miss me.. :-p

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Alhamdulillah...Pejam celik,pejam celik dah hampir sebulan kita puasa.Jadi,saya mengambil kesempatan ini ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf segala salah silap.Jika ada terlanjur kata dalam blog ini harap  dimaafkan.Semoga raya tahun ini akan membawa seribu makna untuk kita semua..Pesanan saya:

1)Hati-hati memandu di jalan raya okey .Ingat orang tersayang tu(dituju kepada gurl n boy anda,parents,adik-beradik).

2)Raya nanti,jemputlah datang rumah.

3)Jangan lupa bermaaf-maafan dengan keluarga dan sahabat andai ye.

4)Akhir sekali,nak duit raye!!!! =p

Friday, July 23, 2010

OST ILUSI- Cinta Terakhir by Aiman


Wow..this song really touch my heart.

Kau cinta pertamaku
Kau cinta terakhirku
Tiada apa yang bisa ku nafikan kasih kita
Kau air dimataku

Satu antara seribu
Tiada antara di dunia
Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir

{Ulang kedua-dua rangkap di atas}

Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan
Segalanya ketentuan tuhan

Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir
Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan

Mungkinkan terputus di tengah jalan
Mungkinkan terlerai tanpa ikatan
Usah ragu dengan takdir
Mungkin kitakan berbeza haluan
Berakhirnya cerita percintaan
Segalanya ketentuan tuhan

Segalanya ketentuan tuhan....


I’ve been listening to this song non-stop today. The lyrics makes my heart felt so low . It reminds me about what happened a year ago. When everything so blur and hurt too much.

That times, I felt so lost. Couldn’t even bear the pain that hit me soo bad. I never showed it to the world. It hurt every time I talked about it but now I’m cool with it. Time does recover all the pains. I got all the help I need  from Kepochis especially Wa . Thank you Wa!! :-) I never blame anyone for this. I believed everything happened has its own meaning. Positive thinking helps alot. Trust me.

I still remembered this advised from someone  during my “lost” time. His words were good.

“Every relationship has 50:50 chances to be successful. You cannot always think every relationship will always last forever” .


p/s: I’m such a hopeless romantic person during that time.. :-)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I found Mr. Fluffy

Okey.. Don’t get me wrong here guys. Mt fluffy is not my bf. Actually, for those who watch Despicable Me movie might get some clue about who is this Mr Fluffy.. hehe..  Actually,there is one scene where Agnes want this fluffy teddy bear (look like Unicorn) and scream when she sees it for the first time. She said.. “Its so fluffy, I’m gonna dieeeeeee!!!!” So cute.. :-) Here’s the video.. I watched it again and again and again.. Until my sis said.. “Tak boring ke??” =p


So..funny rite??  and damn cute!! Those who haven’t watch this movie yet..Go and watch it..It’s so funny I can’t stop laughing for almost 2 hours. I watched it few weeks ago with Taufik (ofkoslah die sentiase and my sis.. Then, last week I went to KLCC after my interview and guess what I found.. Mr Fluffy!! Here is the picture..I know is not the same but it does look like Unicorn.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lets check your stress level

Lately my life been pretty stressed out due to my mind couldn't stop thinking about future. Everything felt so uncertain so that’s why I’m a little bit stress out.. But,its okey..I’m just a person who thinks hard and worry too much..Other than that,I’m perfectly fine.. lol

During my blog walking, I found out about this one picture can indicate stress. Well,do you want to know how it works??




Okey, This photo is claimed to be able to indicate whether you are stressful or not. The illustration is static, however if you found that it's moving, it indicates that you are stressful. The faster the movement, the more stressful you are. It is claimed that the young and old people will find the illustration to be as static as still water. I have no idea how true it is. So lets try and check out your stress level.

For me: How many times I try to look at it, I still find this picture is moving at a very slow motion like slow motion movie..haha How bout you guys??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Emo Quotation~

“There's a point in your life, when you get tired of chasing someone & trying to fix everything... But its not giving up... Its realizing that you don’t need certain people, the bullshit & the drama they bring...”

Friday, July 9, 2010

2 Things Bloggers should know…

Do you want your blog to grow, increase your readership and subscriber numbers and have your content constantly spread?? Well,here are two ways that can make that happen.. Well,not exactly but it can keep your current visitors still visit your blog.. :)

1. Blog Obese..

Well not only people will get obese but blog too! When you have too many widgets and large pictures and videos in your blog,it can make your blog become heavy. So, when this happen, your visitors might have a hard time load to your web page. And lastly,getting bored and irritating and they might not come again. Well,what a waste!! So,here its an application to check whether your blog is obese or not.. CLICK HERE.. You just need to copy paste your blog address and click check!.. Example:


2. Autoplay Player

This is the most annoying application for blog. If you really want to put player in your blog, you should make sure your autoplay is off. Let the visitors click the player themselves. Autoplay player can really shocked people you know. I constantly have this experience and I hate it. Thank God I don’t have heart attack. Everytime I want to surf those blogs I make sure I mute my volume first..

Doa yang indah

Post ini rasanya akan menjadi post yang menarik kerana saya akan berkongsi satu doa yang cukup indah buat insan-insan yang terluka hatinya di luar sana..Yang masih berharap pada satu yang tak pasti… Hati yang luka dan kecewa bukan mudah diubati… Saya juga telah mengalaminya dan mengambil masa lama untuk pulih seperti biasa..

Tapi semua ada hikmahnya…Saya juga yakin dengan setiap yang berlaku tidak kira sedih atau gembira..Semuanya ada makna tersendiri. Pada hati-hati yang luka..ubatilah luka anda dengan berdoa. Doa yang saya nak kongsi cukup indah… Cukup menyayat hati… Cukup memenangkan hati yang sedang berduka… Dan doa ini juga sesuai di baca ketika membuat solat istikharah untuk  meminta petunjuk Yang Maha Esa..

Ya Allah.......Seandainya telah engkau catatkan dia adalah milikku, dia tercipta untukku, satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku. Titipkanlah kebahagiaan antara kami, agar kemesraan itu abadi.

Dan Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Pengasih, seiringkanlah kami melayari hdup ini kesepian yang sejahtera dan abadi.......tetapi Ya Allah......Seandainya telah engkau takdirkan dia bukan milikku......bawalah ia jauh dari pandanganku....luputlah ia dari ingatanku. Dan peliharalah aku dari kekecewaan serta Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti. Berikanlah aku kekuatan melontar bayangannya ke dada langit........... Hilang bersama senja nan merah, agarku bisa bahagia, walaupun tanpa bersama dengannya

Dan Ya Allah yang tercinta........Gantilah yang telah hilang, tumbuhkanlah kembali yang telah patah. Walaupun tak sama dengan dirinya.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, pasrahkanlah aku dengan takdirMU. Sesungguhnya apa yang telah engkau takdirkan adalah yang terbaik buatku kerana Engkau Maha Mengetahui segala yang terbaik, buat hambamu ini....

Ya Allah, cukuplah engkau sahaja yang menjadi pemeliharaku di dunia dan Akhirat....dengarlah rintahan hambaMu yang dhaif ini, jangan engkau biarkan aku sendirian di dunia ini, mahupun di Akhirat.....Menjurus aku ke arah kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran.

Maka, kurniakanlah aku seorang yang beriman supaya aku dan dia sama-sama dapat membina kesejahteraan hidup...kejalan yang Engkau redhai...dah kurniakanlah aku keturunan yang soleh..

Sungguh sayu membacanya… Semoga menjadi amalan buat semua… Sekian.. :-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now, there is a chance for me

In my previous post I had mentioned about “chance” and guess what..Now, here it comes! And it is really a BIG chance.. When I break the news to my parents and my siblings..All of them just said..”Wow”… “Go for it Angah!!!”

During that time I was like really blur cause I never expected this.. I was waiting for another good news but with Allah fate, you will never know what’s wait for you..So,with a great consideration here and there…plus doing istikharah I made decision to go for it.. But of course I have to attend interview and if I pass..I will get it…Please pray for me my blogger friends out there.. But if I not pass, I guess I will wait for another position..Hopefully, there is one that suit me…
Rezeki itu sudah Allah tentukan. Kita sebagai umat perbanyakkan berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

I also talked to my friend, bob form mrsm yesterday and he said “Kalau ko dapat,ko jadi anak dara kaye la!..” wooot woot.. lol.. He said that because his sister got this scheme from the same place . She’s so lucky!! She can buy car by cash!!hoho…*I love money..well who doesn’t?? :-p *

p/s: There is one visiter from Texas,US .. If you read this post..plz PM me… I want to know you.. I don’t have friends study in US so I wonder who you are… Thanks alot cause always visit my blog… :-) I want to ask you many2 things such as how’s life in US.. who know’s I might got a chance to go there oneday and meet you!..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My life seems so dull lately…So,there’s nothing much I can share about my life for now…

………………………………………" " ……………………………………

By writing this post, I intended to share with you guys about “DOA”. I know everyone knows what it means but do you  really know about the magic of “doa”??.. You know, the past few days I keep praying for something good to happen to me soon. So, with the magic of “doa” I got what I want but not in the way I want it.. But,its still good enough.. Syukur Alhamdullillah…People always hard if you want something..For me,we also have to pray hard and not only just work hard..
Berdoalah kamu kepada Allah Taala dalam keadaan kamu yakin akan dimustajabkan. Ketahuilah sesungguhnya Allah tidak menerima doa dari hati yang lalai dan alpa. (Riwayat al-Tirmizi, disahihkan oleh al-Albani).

If you have any doubts in your life…take  time to pray (berdoa).. Prayers always accepted by Allah. If you have seen is not accepted, there may be some factors that interfere. You prayers may not benefit you. Allah knows better. Example,as our desire to marry someone we love, and we pray that God will make him our partner. God knows if it is not good for us and Allah chooses to our other partners.  Everything is possible. By the way,this post has got nothing to do with my jodoh… :-)


p.s: Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal…  Perasaan doa dimakbulkan adalah sangat indah..So priceless!!!   Agree????    ^_^V

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A chance

Well…its been almost a month I spent my days at home doing nothing…I’m getting bored already. I wish I can get a job soon. I need to meet friends and meet up with new people. I can’t stand doing nothing at all. Seriously, I need a JOB rite now!ahaha..(mcm la leh jatuh dari langit)

Sometimes I get jealous when see people doing well in their life.. They’ve been so happy and have everything. I know,everyone will have their chance. It’s just a matter of time but I wish I will get my chance too soon! :-)

~Finger Crossed!~

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanx atas pujian itu!

i want to write this new post in Malay okey…

Lama betul x menulis…sibuk melepak2 je dirumah….heee…hari-hari saya dihiasi dengan pelbagai aktiviti…paling best dapat kuar tengok wayang ngan georgians…seronok!

Berbalik kepada tajuk di atas…harini… member blogger saya memuji saya di entri nya…Walaupon tidak seberape…tapi dia telah buat saya tersenyum sepanjang hari…tenkiu fnd rocka.. nak tau ape katenye… senyuman saya ade iras heliza…huhu… heliza tu cantik orangnye..mestilah happy jika disamakan dengan dia.. *mode perasan* lol

nak tau lebih lanjut bace entri nie..  “peace begins with smile”

Senyuman itu satu sedekah…Dengan senyuman, dunia ni boleh jadi lebih indah. Jangan takut nak senyum kerana senyum juga satu senaman. Kalau malas bersenam,at least senyumanlah selalu.. hehe..Bagi saya, semua orang nampak cantik dan hensem bila senyum. Jika ingin tawan hati buah hati anda,senyumanlah selalu padanya …okey? ^_^V

p/s: saya juga mudah tertawan dengan lelaki yang suka dan mudah senyum… :-)

to fnd rocka…senyuman ini hadiah untuk pujian itu…

me pgng menu

ini pula heliza….dia sangat2 cantik! Saya kagum tengok ciptaan Allah…Semoga saya juga boleh memiliki anak secantik dia suatu hari nanti..tapi xmolah jadi penyanyi…hehe…


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hectic Week!’s going to be the most hectic and unforgettable week of my life!!…Well,it’s a bit exaggerated there..Haha..”Kema’s life is always full of hyperbola as they said* :-)

If looking at FB status, everybody is hoping that April month will end faster. I absolutely agreed with that statement by the way. I hate April 2010 as much as they hate it. Gosh! Lots and lots of bad things happened during this month. I was having a hard time to sleep and no mood to eat at all..I lost few kilo’s and I'm not happy with that.

My friends kind of notice and been asking why I look so sad. I used to be the most happening girl. I always laugh and smile. If you guys read this post,I want to explain it here..I know most of you would think like this.. “Nak tau Kema okay ke tak..bace blog die” ..Haha…

“Guys..thanks cause care and worried about me. Thanks for asking whether I'm fine or not. I'm fine,thank you..Nothing bad happened in my life..I'm being honest here. Just maybe I'm kinda stressing out due to overloaded work and assignments. Besides that, everything’s fine. I'm still happening as I used to be. I can still make jokes right?? So,that’s mean I'm fine. If I'm really not okay,I wouldn't be talking with all of you. I’ll just be quiet and isolate myself. But I'm still talkative and laugh a lot. So,that are the signs showing  that I'm actually okay”

My schedules for this week:


2.Wednesday-last paper for my undergrad study

3.Friday- interview for lecturer’s my first time going for a real interview

4.Saturday- reunion!! woot..woot…looking forward for that..

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I feel quite happy today because I just finished my most difficult exam ever *Not that difficult*..Yeay! Only one paper left and then I'm done…Four years of study and now it’s going to be over soon..Cool!

I called my mom today.Its been awhile since I’ve called my mom and she’s actually so angry at me cause I didn't call her like about a week! I used to call my dad a lot lately and my mom being jealous. Haha..Cute! Previously, I love to talk to my mom if I’ve something bothering me but now everything seems to change. I choose my dad instead of my mom..Its not that I'm not close to her, it’s just i want to spicy things up..Haha..*beralih angin orang tua-tua kata* :-) (bak kate ustaz Fauzi, anak kedua sangat pelik..Hehe..)

A memorable moment :

Last night I asked Yatie Sajali to wake me up for Subuh prayer ..So…the next morning (today)..

Yatie came to my room  and..

“Wife Jay Sean..bangun..bangun..!” *high pitch*

I tried to open my eyes even though I’m still  sleepy…and then I smile to her…

“Hehe :-)” *dia gelak* Happy sebab dapat buat Kema senyum pagi-pagi ni”

And then I replied..

Yatie..thanks… :-)

P/s: Huwaaaaa :-(… after this I'm surely going to miss you…

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh my Jay Sean!

I think I'm going crazy right now because i keep playing Jay Sean MV again and again and again!..Man,I think I'm in love with him..haha…I really like guys who are tall, dark and handsome. :-)

Actually before this I don't really like guys who have face like Bollywood star. I don't find them interesting but I know now I’ve change my mind..haha.. I do like them. :-) I love Jay Sean a lot!

You know, I should start studying right now but I just can’t. I want to look at him every single minutes! I even put his picture on my wallpaper…How can I focus on my study if I'm in love,its hard you keep downloading all his videos especially now I know he can sing in Hindi.…He was born and raise in England but his mom and dad are from India. So, he still know how to speak Punjabi. I can understand a little bit of Hindi language because I used to watch a lot of  Hindi movies before.

Okay,back to Jay Sean again. My housemates kind of notice my craziness over him and said:
Yatie: Kema,baca nota ke baca Jay Sean????

Saadah: Kema ni pegang nota tapi asyik tatap muka Jay Sean dalam komputer tu..

So, now can you all imagine how crazy I am over him..Haha..Enough said..Go back to study~

~My current wallpaper~

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My blog is like a diary. I loves to share what I feel or think with my readers. It’s completes my days. Today, when I just came back from Alamanda with my housemates..Diela break a news to me…

diela: Kema, senarai viva da keluar…weh,ko dapat Dr.Shiran. Nasib ko tak buat histophatology.

me: wah,yeke..(dalam hati berbunga  je sebab Dr. Shiran tu handsome)..haha..*sure boleh cuci mata masa tengah presentation*

Viva is actually a day where you have to present your result for final year project in front of 3 lecturers. It’s such a nightmare! You need to be well prepared or else you are just dead is on the 27th. A day earlier than everybody else. :-(

My another two lecturers are Dr Abdah who is specialize in Biochemistry while the other one is Dr Saidi, the well known lecturer for statistics.

I'm so scared knowing that Dr.Saidi is actually one of my panel for viva. waaa…He is so good at statistics while I'm so bad at it.. My results required me to do some statistics but I'm not sure whether  it was right or not. ..Aiyaa! *die*

p/s: Hoping that everything will turn out okay on that day…Please oh please!!

Dengar lagu nie berpuluh-puluh kali sehari…sebab best..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glad to have you as my friend

Oh, I just feel like writing again today.. Nothing important actually, just to remind me on how lucky I am because I have lots of good friends around me.

First,of course my “Joyah” friends for ever. Hee… Or in simple ways to called it as “Kgv Gang”. Love them so much!! Always laugh until tired when we all get together. Even my sis said I’ve lots of crazy friends!Haha.. Let me write their name one by one.


*P/S: Jangan kawin cepat sangat tau korang,nanti susah nak keluar berkarok,bermandi-manda, menonton wayang and berkelah lagi bersama..Oh,tak lupe juga saat melancong bersama* :-)


Yesterday,I talked to one my dearest friend named Zaid. He such a nice guy..hehehe…Never gets tired to tease me. (sejak dari sekolah tau!) Try his best to get my adrenaline up and then lastly he said he was just joking and flirting..Haha..Naughty, But I like that.. :-)  He knows something bothering me all this while and try  to comfort me. Again, thank you. Actually, He is not well.(banyak pule orang sakit lately)…. I hope you recover soon.  ….*tak lupe,semoga cepat-cepat dapat keje eh*…Amin…

z1~Zack, I took this picture from your FB tau.Again, You look handsome in this picture.Haha~

Last but not least, my housemate (Saadah,Yatie,Diela,Piah,Zmah and Hazira). Sadly, only 3 weeks left for us to be housemate. Oh, now I feel like crying. We always been together during our 4 years of study in UPM. Eat together,go to class together,gossiping and having fun! I’m surely going to miss you guys. *Sayu*

But according to our best drama queen, Hazira.. She said to us “Don’t be sad, we will meet again during our convocation day”.

Special for my housemate:Thank you all for being good friends. I will never forget all the sweet memories . Thanks again for being there when I'm sick and sad. Thanks for helping me whenever I needed you guys the most.Thank you and thank you so much!!!



~Good friends are hard to find and I'm glad I met all of you.~ *nangis*

Half relieved

First of all, i want to express my gratitude to all my dear friends who pray for my dad health …Thank a lot! I was so touched by all of  your concerned. :-) My dad is getting better. I called him last night and he said he’s fine now. He followed all my advised and he’s getting better and better by day. So, that is why i am a bit relieve now. (tidak sia-sia ilmu medic saya)

Another reason is that, I already finished my first exam today. The questions was a bit hard. But who cares, I already answered it. Hahaa… Got another exam next week. This paper is much harder than today’s paper. I need to start study right now..owh, wait! No study tonight, only watching movies is allowed…hahaha…(crazy mode)

Two things I want to share with all of you who read my blog…

1st: “Every hardship, will be accompanied by the enjoyment of those who persevere through it”..
Words from me: Let us not despair if affected by problems and difficulties, because everything that comes has certain meaning..Maybe it is just a test for us to be strong and believe in  Allah.

2nd: “Good things happens for those who waits” …
Words from me: Patience is half of faith. If we see someone else is successful and happy but we are not , don’t be sad if we do not have it now. Remember, if we are patient and have faith in Allah, certainly there will be time we are successful and happy too.

Monday, April 12, 2010

my dad is not well today

I'm so worried if anybody close to me get sick.. i know i should not worry but my mind wouldn't listen to me at all…What strange is that, I will feel like crying when talking with the sick person. I do not know why but that is what always happens.. I guess I'm just a sensitive person.

Talk to my dad just now, he said he was not feeling well the past few days. He even got MC today…I'm so damn worry right now… I couldn't focus on my revision. Ya Allah…Give me the strength to study and pass my exam with flying colours.Amin….

I advised him not to forget the medication, rest often and put Cool Fever on the head so the temperature will went down a little bit. Not to forget, apply a bit of Vicks around the neck and chest so that he could go to sleep easily. Drinks plenty of water is a must I told him. Hopefully, he will listen to me.

Anyone who knows me well will know that I get worried so easily. No matter who is sick, especially family and friends, I will feel the pain even though they are  the one who sick. I just don't understand myself.

Bak kata pepatah melayu “ cubit peha kiri,peha kanan terasa sakitnya juga”

new hobby

lately, I'm so eager to play guitar.. i want to have my very own “ACOUSTIC GUITAR”..cant wait to buy it as soon as i finish my final exam…hehehe…

been searching for the guitar for a quite while now…have no idea how much it costs but some source said that it should be under rm200. that’s good right!! :-)

and i also already called my music teacher to ask about the guitar classes!hahah…(semangatkn?) I'm going to YAMAHA music class…I've been there since primary school with my cousin and we both studied piano ..

hopefully, I can make my dream come true to play guitar. This will be my new hobby during the holiday later..cant wait, cant wait!!!

later if I'm really good at playing the guitar I will upload the best videos on  YouTube ..Okey? .. hehehehe ...But I’m just not sure how long you guys have to wait for it to!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

final exam…and i mean it as FINAL…=)

wow..almost 4 years time fly so fast…suddenly i felt so sad…I'm going to leave UPM soon…only 1 month left…

later I'm going to enter the REAL world…I'm so excited already just only think about it..^_^…lately, i learn how to be independent, learn to do some make up(lol!)..learn how to approach people effectively…learn everything i need to survive out there…

sure i do not know what would happen in the future,but i could pray for the best..i set my own goal…everybody should, i guess..if not, you will live for nothing…

*eh,tetibe macam lari dari tajuk…hahahaha….(malaslah delete ayat atas nih)

well, next week I’ve my first paper..Life Cycle…wish me luck guys..really need it…(work hard can do it!)… i always remind myself like that…it works like a charm! :-)

to all Biomedic Final Year students, Good Luck guys….

To fathchan….I'm going to miss you after this…i might stop/give up on blogging.. :-( .. (lets hope i will change my mind)…not to forget, good luck dear for final+viva+future!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Finally my job done. What a relief!!^_^



All the hard work has finally paid off


Friday, April 2, 2010

pelawak terkenal din beramboi meninggal dunia...

terkejut dengar din beramboi meninggal... aritu saya ade bace pasal beliau masuk hospital kat facebook..tetibe harini tau-tau dah tiada lagi di dunia ini...saya amat meminati beliau sebab lawak beliau memang best abes lah...seronok je, tak tahulah sape boleh ganti die lagi..sedihnya...papepon marilah kite sedekah al-fathihah kepadanya..semoga roh beliau tenteram dan dicucuri rahmat...

petikan di bawah diambil dari blog oh malaysia

Sekitar pukul 12.35 malam semalam, pelawak terkenal tanah air, Din Beramboi atau nama sebenarnya Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri, 44, menghembuskan nafasnya yang terakhir di Hospital Selayang. Kematian Allahyarham disahkan oleh Pengurus Saluran Astro Prima, Nizam Sani. Jenazah beliau telah selamat dikebumikan di Tanah Perkuburan Taman Ehsan, Kepong jam 11 pagi tadi.

Allahyarham sebelum ini dimasukkan ke Wad Rawatan Rapi (ICU) kerana menghidap Dengue Shock Syndrome sudah berada dalam keadaan kritikal sejak petang semalam. Penyakit ini akan menyebabkan pengaliran darah dalam badan terjejas akibat jangkitan virus Denggi. Untuk jangkitan Denggi, tiada ubat yang boleh digunakan untuk melawan virus itu dan prognosis banyak bergantung kepada keadaan pesakit. Menurut adik kepada Din Beramboi, Rozana, 39, virus demam denggi berdarah yang dialami Allahyarham telah merebak ke hati dan buah pinggang, menyebabkan kedua-dua organ itu tidak boleh berfungsi.

Pemergian Allahyarham Din Beramboi pasti dirasai oleh peminat-peminat yang sentiasa tidak kering gusi melihat telatah lucu Allahyarham. Gelanggang Raja Lawak 4 juga yang terakhir dalam karier seni Allahyarham. Selepas ini, tiada lagi kedengaran suara Allahyarham berkumandang di radio ERA untuk segmen Aznil Riuhkan Pagi ERA bersama Din Beramboi. Saya pasti ramai yang akan merindui program Drama Sebabak dan Sawancara kendalian beliau. Sebelum ini, Allahyarham ada menunjukkan tanda-tanda yang beliau akan meninggalkan kita semua, di bawah ini kata-kata Allahyarham di Twitter milik beliau.

Tapi lumrah hidup di dunia, yang hidup pasti akan mati. Dari Allah kita datang, kepadaNya kita kembali. Sama-sama kita sedekahkan Al-Fatihah untuk Allahyarham Din Beramboi, semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah.

credited also to mSTAR Online, Bernama, dan Karl

Monday, March 29, 2010

tetibe suke lagu ni...

Lirik Lagu Ku Bukan Aku - Tilu

Lama sungguh hari berlalu
Hening malam menyiksaku
Bila bersendirian sepi jadi pilu

Kau pergi aku yang hilang
Sedikit pun hidup tak senang
Langit cerah ku renung mendung kelabu

Kerana diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Fikiran tak keruan
Jiwa rasa kekosongan
Diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Pulangkan dia ke pangkuanku

Yang digemar menjadi bosan
Sukarnya cari ketenteraman
Bila hati bersedih semuanya tak betul

Ku cuba setabah hati melupakan
Dirimu dari ingatan
Tapi semakin dicuba semakin rindu

(ulang korus 2x)

tetibe suke lagu nih...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

stress life makin hari makin susah and stress..keje bertimbun2 sampai tak tahu nak buat mane satu dulu...letih je tengok semua dugaan ini..tapi sebagai manusia kite kene sabar kan?

i need more time....24 jam per day rase tak cukup je..(nak tambahlah jadi 30..=p) ..tapi,i know kalau dengar ceramah mesti kate cukup je 24jam sehari tuh cuma cara kite arrange mase lah yang penting.. jangan suke last minute buat keje*tapi diri ni nak jugak buat last minute*..hahaha..

so,sumenye terpulang pada individulah nak arrange life dorang macam mane... kadang-kadang teringin nak ade someone guide me..but then, bile pk balik.."i should become an independent girl" (akan berusahe!!)..

tak tahu nak tambah ape lagi..seyes tengah down and tak tentu arah nih..huwaaaaa.....nape thesis kene anta awal (1 April).. tak ready nie..result masih tidak siap dikaji dan disusun...aaaaaaa....(jerit kuat2)

p:s Merepek yang tiada kesudahan..oit cik kema, dari menulis blog ni baik  mulakan thesis anda okey...*okey..okey nak buat la nih*

Monday, March 22, 2010

oh my ielts…

peringatan ye…post nie amat panjang..sape2 malas bace…sile abaikan ini adalah mengenai pengalaman saya mengambil exam IELTS.

okey…nie lah name exam yang saya amik beberape miggu lalu…International English Testing System.. nak tau reason saya amik exam nie…sbb nak jadi duta kt London!…(EH2..saya tipu je)hahaha….sebab dan musabab sebenar biarlah rahsia..chewahhh..mcm tajuk lagu siti lak.. :-) (x minat siti disini ye..kene mention gak sebab klu x akan disembur habis-habisan jika adik saya yang comel tu membacanya..heh)22032010276

saya amik exam nie ari sabtu 6 march 2010..saya study 2 hari je before exam…adooii…2 la sebabnya buat lintang pukang and rase x yakin…( *akan diulas lebih panjang jap lagi)..pendaftaran exam nie pon havoc gilos apetah lagi hari examnye… pertama,dorang memerlukan gambar yang x pakai spec (yang dibawa yang pakai spec)…kene la amik semula picture baru kat KLCC… mahal sungguh okey (amik gambar je kot)…then exam fee plak dasyat punye mahal..boley beli beg GUESS satu… =) papepon..sumenye da lepas dah!!!heheh

baiklah..mari saya mulakan cerita pengembaraan sepanjang nak amik exam yang dengan penoh panca roba itu( chewahh!!) …okey..okey.. (btlkan tempat duduk jap)heheh..firstly, the exam actually dibuat awal pagi..seawal jam 8.45am di sebuah hotel di KL… saya nie da la dari serdang susah payah bangun pagi..dihantar pule oleh housemate sebab takut lewat..thanx diela and yatie!!..sanggup bangun pagi sesame tolong hantarkan saya.. :-) so..da sampai komuter naik la train…cuaca pagi tue sejuk je tau…mendung la lebih tepatnya…

mule ingat tak hujan…budget x nak la bawak payung…sekali mase da naik putra hujan turun mencurah-curah…(wah!!!)..gelabah mule start..yela…da la xtau hotel tu dimana….kene kejar mase…tetibe pula hujan turun…sampai di KLCC hujan masih lebat…dalam hati memang nak redah je (memang redah pon!!)hahaha… maka dalam hujan tercari-cari la hotel tu and akhirnye sampai..jam tunjuk pukul 8.15am…alhamdulillah smpai jugak awal kat sane.. tetibe dapat msg

“kema, dah sampai belum?”- yatie

“ baru sampai yatie…hujan nih..kema dah basah kuyup” – saya

“ takpe kema…buat elok2..bak kata hazira hujan itu rahmat”- yatie


tersenyum baca msg yatie…wah,tenang sikit nak amik exam tuh…terharu ade kawan sebaik dorang…malam sebelum tu masing-masing bagi support kat saya mase tengah study tuk preparation…(cam nak nangis je nih).. sayang korang…sangat3!!! infinity +1 :-)

so,beratur la saya di hotel itu bersama ratusan pelajar yang lain yang nak exam hari yang same… macam bangsa ada…meriah!!haha..tengah2 daftar..depan saya ni ada sorang budak perempuan…mula2 senyum2 je antara satu sama lain..tapi gayanya masing2 macam da x tahan nak bertanya..maka saya pon ringankanlah mulut nie..huhu

saya: “nak amik ielts ke? academic right? “ (speaking sket2..kate latihan..haha)

dia: “yup, academic.. same ke?”

saya: “ sama. saya nervous nih..da la x penah amik..main redah je datang nih..”

dia: “saya ni 2nd time..harap2 yang nih lulus”

saya: “hope soo” (senyum)

what??? second time? susah ke…lepas berborak ngan budak tu saya jadi makin mengelabah..bertambah-tambah stress..adoii..macam menyesal plak daftar awal2.. tapi nak wat camne..da mule make kene abeskan… so..x lame lepas daftar exam bermule…dalam keadaan kesejukan yang teramat..saya pon start jawab exam bertemankan sebatang pensel hijau and sebiji pemadam bercop IELTS…ketika itu, saya migraine dengan sangat trok secara tiba-tiba (memang xle nervous..kejap da pening) tapi miracle happens…subuh sebelum pegi saya buat solat hajat..doa agar saya diberi ketenangan sepenohnya ketika menjawab.. dan alhamdullillah sepanjang exam saya begitu tenang walaupon masih nervous..

exam pagi tu ade 3 part..same macam MUET.. tapi more more difficult..sape-sape nak amik and rase english x hebat mane macam saya nih..janganlah nak amik cepat sangat…menyesal amik awal kot..elok pegi klas dulu ke, berlatih abes-abesan ke…(nasihat dari pengalaman)..sebab memang susah…jangan sampai nak nangis mase amik sudah lah!*saye la tuh*

die ade part 1 listening..then part 2 reading and lastly writing.. listening yang paling2 susah tuh…btw,x sangke mark saya okey jugak kat listening..highest kat reading.. gare2 buat banyak latihan  reading 2 hari sebelumnya..(better use ielts true sample k..jangan beli buku yang dijual coz amat mahal..cari je kat tenet..bersepah2)..part 4 is speaking(study dengan tengok utube je..ain cadangkan..tenkiu dear)..sume ade 4 parts je. speaking saye waktu petang…pukol 3 .30 camtu..

actually mase da lepas amik exam pagi  (tuk 3 parts)..saya da give up dah…susah betol soalannya..ingat macam da nak balik umah je..malas nak teruskan..mase exam pagi tuh,saya banyak meneka…adegan menembak sini sana dilakukan dengan tanpa batasan..haha…susah betol nak pk..da la mase kejap je.. ditambah perencah migraine yang dasyat…jadi,nak tak nak taram jela..gune la kehebatan  meneka..die bukan sume objektif tau..ade subjektif…so nak teka tu biarlah logik ye..hehehe… (tahu sebab da buat) heee….*dengan miracle doa jawapan hentam boleh betul* sebelum tanda jawapan bacelah bismilah ke..

bile nak tggu petang for speaking…lepak2 kat KLCC jap..sengsorang je…mase lepas abes exam..migraine saya makin terok…macam nak pecah kepale ni…tapi saya masih bertahan…saya rehat jap kat surau..sementara nak tggu exam speaking… so,bile da dekat2 nak start saya berjalan la ke British Council..panas terik waktu tu…pagi tadi kesejukan amat sangat bile tegahari panas terik pulak…bile cuaca x betol..otak saya makin mereng-mereng lah!..haha…seyes da xde mood nak amik speaking..*tapi kaki masih terus jalan ke British Council..haha*

so..tunggu la giliran(smpai terlelap sekejap..huhu)..bile sampai giliran…saya x nervous langsung…..saya punye test person orang India kot..anehnya lagi tetibe sekelip mata pening hilang..seyes tak tipu nih..*berkat doa pagi tuh* (x abes2 nak mention pasal doa)haha lol.. :-)

so..soalan die senang sangat..simple abes…rezeki kot….die tanya pasal family,tentang study,suka masak ke tak,…then part discussion pasal “a walk with your friend”.. saya cerita pasal Wa…pasal kami pegi KLCC 2 weeks before..huhu… thanx Wa..dapat merepek2 macam2..haha..berhabuk-habuk la saya speaking dalam tuh..around 15 minutes..lepas je abes seksaan speaking..teros pening balik…hahaha..apekah pening ni..mungkin perlu ubah cara doa..agar tidak pening seharian..*take note*

nak hilangkan tension selepas sume ni berlaku saya pegi shopping!! dalam pening2 pon larat gak shopping..hehehe…dalam lepas 2 jam…saya pon balik…balik dengan keadaan kecewa sebenarnya…huhu…sebab dalam hati rase fail and fail and fail je…ntah pape…haha..mase tunggu train siap bole layan2 dua pelajar iran nih…peramah betol dorang…macam2 soalan di tanye..bagai amik speaking test kali kedua!!haha…tapi as they said” Malaysian people are friendly”.. pening2 pon sempat layan dorang berbual ketika menghilangkan bosan tunggu train.

balik bilik..cite kat kawan2 pengalaman sepanjang hari tu..dorang kate xpe kema..ade hikmah tuh…saya pon rase camtu…maka sejak dari hari tu saya wat solat hajat hari2 mintak at least lulus la…(bukan nak riak ye)..disini saya nak bagitau..doa and tawakal sangat penting…setelah berusaha ini saja yang kite mampu..doalah dengan ikhlas..insyallah Allah akan dengar..yakin padaNya…segalanya mungkin jika ade usaha dan doa..saya bukanlah alim ke ape..tapi Allah akan perkenankan doa hambanyanye jika kita benar2 ikhlas dan yakin.. *ceramah siket*..hehehe..

mesti korang nak tahu keputusannya kan..baiklah..pada hari yang saya dibenarkan check result di internet….debaran di dada begitu dasyat sekali…dub..dub..dub..(saje je nih)..

alhamdullilah saya telah pon lulus…memang x disangke…walaupon buat dengan x tentu arah….akhirnye berkat doa dan kesabaran…semuanya berjalan lancar…kini saya telah pon memiliki sijil ielts yang sah…syukur sangat2..hikmah semua penat lelah saya…

p/s: panjangnye tulis….entry paling panjang kot…haha…tapi saya ingin berkongsi pengalaman ngan sesape yang teringin amik exam nih…semoga serba sedikit dapat membantu…

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

saje suke2 jawab sebab sekarang tengah down!

Have you ever been in love with someone secretly?
DEFINITELY!!! hahaha…lol

Have you been unfaithful?

Do you believe there is good in all people?

Is your partner capable of having an affair?
maybe and maybe not..=p

If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
my body..haha

What is one thing about you that no one knows?
secret…(xmo bagitau)

Are you jealous of anyone?

Do you believe in Karma?
yes and yes…  like justin song “what goes around comes around”

Do you regret anything in your life?
yeah..a few things..

If you could turn back time, what year would it be?
My high school,KGV..i missed those years a lot every time

The person you pray for most?
mum and dad, family

The last sin you committed?
haha…everybody makes mistake..

Do you love your mother-in-law?
dunno..belum jumpe…tengok gambar pernah lah…(seyes kontroversi)

The name of the last person you were mean to?
-no one-

Sunday, March 14, 2010

weekend yang bz..


berjalan sakan ngan yatie my housemate... we had fun dat day...pegi KLCC and Mandarin oriental Hotel.. pg hotel sbb nak attend event yang dibuat oleh University in London.. seyes smpai berbuih mulut asyik speaking je...haha...nak terbelit2 lidah..yela,dalam event di hotel tu sume orang putih je...x dapat la nak cakap melayu..tukang bukak pintu pon hotel xle cakap melayu..apekah??hahaha...sampai sesat2 nak cari ballroom..padahal ni da second time datang.

mmg seronok la dapat dengar tentang study in bukanlah nak pg pon..saje gatal2 nak dengar..hikhik... nak tambah ilmu mane patot..improve English lagi sambil2 berborak dengan mat saleh UK tuh..

then,pg pulak exhibition di KLCC exhibition center. pasal postgraduate study...tapi undergrade study pon ade gak..banyak la university yang datang..amat meriah..bagai pesta hujung and yatie hanye pg booth oversea je (bkn sbb perasan bagos..cume booth ini sahaje yg ade menawarkan postgraduate studies),paham2 la kan...speaking lagi.. dari booth UK tuka pulak ke Japan,then ke USA masuk pulak German,then booth France..lastly Australia...ha,sume oversea la speaking smpai terbawak2 dalam train..heheh..


presentation kat symposium...mule budget x berdebar langsung...ha,bile sampai mase nervous x sudah smpai pening2 lagi skang and loya lagi...abes je presentation teros nak muntah...huhu..tapi anehnya ade ke judges cakap camnie:

judge: your final year project is about ketum right?

me: yes..

judge: no wonder you look happy and not nervous...

me:  (dalam hati)..what??? tak nervous die kate..bagai nak tercabut dah kaki nie... tp tak mampu nak cakap hanye senyum jela.. :-)

saya mase Q&A session senyum je memanjang..bukan ape..just nak look cute (perasan) and nak bagi dorang simpati supaye tak yah tanye bebanyak... tp mereka nak jugak tanye macam2..alahai..bagai kene tembak berdas-das tembakan peluru..soalan memang killer habes..tapi saye jawab dengan penoh senyuman.. sbb still nak nampak comel and bergaye walaupon nervous tahap kronik plus sedikit migrain diiringi tangan sejuk macam pegang ais..

judge: where do you get your plant??

me: from  Perlis..

judge: you should have license to do this you know...

me: we got license from Bukit Aman...

judge: angguk je..

ha..amik...saye bukan buat project sebarangan okey...ade license dari polis lagi menyatakan layak membuat research menggunakan daun tersebut...hehehe..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

kisah selendang..

owh housemateku tersayang sume…sanggup anda telefon dr jauh (jauh la sgt main campus ngan k17) semate2 nak tanye saye nak selendang ke x..sweet gilos okey..!!hahaha…

telefon berbunyi di saat sedang nyenyak tido….

saadah: kema nak selendang x? ade polka dot yang kema suke tue..

saya: nak2…

saadah: eh,cakap ngan diela plak…

diela: kema,ade selendang nie..cantik..nak x?

saya: nak2..belilah 2 ke..berape 1? (seyes mase nih blur2 je..)

diela: rm9.. 1 patutnye rm10 tapi beli 2 dapat rm9..aku ngan yatie beli nih….

then letak telefon..x lame pas2 saadah kol lagi….yang bestnye..yatie juge ingin bercakap tuh..

yatie: heliza2…yatie nie…selendang nie seswai lah tuk kema…

saya:hahahahha…ye2..beli lah kan yang mane cantik2..

kesimpulannya…selendang yg dibeli comel tau..sangat suke..ingat nak pakai sabtu.. :-) nampakkan betape sayangnye budak2 nih kat saya..korang2… “saranghae”



Monday, March 8, 2010

Melangkah setapak ke alam kerajinan


Mood kesedihan semakin pulih..perlahan-lahan rase rajin dalam diri mula muncul..(tahniah kema!!)…haha…puji diri sendiri…yela,sape lagi nak puji kan klu bukan diri sendiri…*seyes tak betol*…

gambar di atas adalah video tikus yang perlu di kaji…kira-kira berape banyak tikus tue bergerak dalam sejam…kalau saya kate tak  bosan tengok video nie..memang terang lagi bersuluhlah saya menipu…haha…memanglah bosan tahap KRONIK..setiap saat mulut kumat kamit mengira..1,2,3,40,100,300 and sampai beratuslah die bergerak 1 jam tue..bagaikan tengah jampi serapah pon ade..rase macam jadi bomoh kejap pon ade gak…heheh…

1 video makan mase 3 jam tuh..seekor sejam…jumlah yang perlu di tonton lagi ialah  28 JAM!!! kalau la boleh upah orang bace memang da buat kot..(ade orang nak offer diri x?????)da rase macam nak muntah-muntah da tengok video nih..klu video ratatouille tu tak pe gak..haha..menarik siket tengoknye..

tapi semua nie dugaan seorang student final year..benarlah kate orang.. “final semester bukanlah seindah yang disangka”.. semakin tua semakin banyak keje…jadi,sabar jelah..

nak menunjukkan betape saya makin rajin(tak habes2 lagi tuh puji diri sendiri :-) )..siap da print journal2 yang bakal di kaji tidak lama lagi…tebalnye setakat yang di print dalam 1 inci lebih la.. xla tebal seperti kamus atau pon buku TORTORA *budak medic n biomedic je phm ketebalan buku ini* Agak banyak gak lah yang perlu di baca.. student final year dengan journal ibarat “isi dengan kuku” … begitu akrabnyelah hubungan itu.. cheeewaaahhh!! *pheewitt* =p


so..bile da ade mood begini kenalah cepat-cepat siapkan keje yang tertunggak… kang kalau x jadi macam nie….


okeylah..nak sambung tengok video lagi… sekian sahaja coretan hari ini..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

tak tentu arah

hati saya sangat rungsing nie… semalam hari yang tak berape nak seronok…sume bende tak ikot plan…sedih…huwaaaa… tapi disebabkan malas nak layan abaikan je…klu nak tau ape bende yang tak seronok+ memusnahkan jiwa dan raga ibarat putus cinta… (putus cinta pon x trok la)…saya akan huraikan dalam mase beberape minggu lagi..sebab kejadian tue ade kene tggu die habes happen dulu baru bule bukak story..

bagi menambahkan ketidak menarikkan hari semalam…saya migraine whole day..i repeat WHOLE DAY! longest day ever since i had my last migraine… pastu siap tido awal.. letak minyak angin 1 botol sampai da nak abes minyak tu plus masuk sikit kat mate..pedih wooo..haha..then,telan ubat.. x jalan mane pon..amik kptusan nak tido…kol 10 da terbungkang..(maksudnye tdo disini ye kawan2) :-)

saya: nak tutup lampu tau saadah..

saadah: awalnye kema nak tido…

saya: sakit kepale la..

*biasenye saya tdo dalam 12.30pm gitu…

lepas tue terus tertdo..rasenye kejap je da terlelap…haha…sakit and ngantok la katekan..pagi tue bole pulak terjage kol 3 pagi…time tue saket kepale tak hilang lagi..alahai…macam2!! tros sambong tido smpai kol 10 pagi keesokannya(arini la ye)..jumlah tido semalam ialah…12 jam!! lame gilos tido.. *bukan sebab kuat tido tau*

arini tak begitu produktif…maybe kesan tak seronok semalam terbawa-bawa lagi sampai,malas nak buat pape…hanye termenung kosong atau menonton drama GLEE and UGLY BETTY..feveret cite nih!…

kesimpulan: nak balik kampung lah…( nie ala2 dalam drama tue..sedih sikit je mule la gune ayat nie “nak balik kampunglah”..pulak klu yang da kawen tue..tambah sikit ayat dibelakang.. “saya nak balik kampung,hantar saya balik umah mak saya”) …ape saya merepek nie..aaaaa….

p/s: emo tak tentu pasal..sebab bulan dah mengambang  *certain orang je tau maksud ayat nie*

Friday, March 5, 2010

justin bieber fan

my sister does love justin bieber so much..but i hope she didn't end like this the way,this little girl is such a cutie..crying her eyes out for her biggest idol..justin bieber of course...heee.... :-)

happy watching...

Monday, March 1, 2010

miss me?

i've been missing for few days coz i need to take care  a few things at home..what  a tired weekend!! but my housemates miss sweet..hehe..

hazira: sangat pelik la heliza x update status..slaloo hari2 tulis walaupon duduk rumah..

me: hahaha...heliza duduk hospital la..line tenet takde...

hazira: ooo..mule-mule ingat heliza da mengalami kejatuhan....ingat heliza da tak femes lagi...asyik2 status ah yoong je bersepah-sepah

me: wah perasan ko ye...

hazira: mestilah..hal2 heliza mesti nak tahu....

hahahaha...that's housemate..always dramatics in everything...a drama queen for sure.. :-)

me: ko perasan aku x online beberape hari ni?

azimah: ha'ah...klu tak mesti ko da update macam2...

me: oh..obvious sangatkah?

azimah: sangatla kema oiii....

me:hahahahhaa (*speechless)

okies..need to exam on Wednesday..wish me luck..

Friday, February 26, 2010

quick update..

dah agak beberape ari blog ini diabaikan... ia adalah kerane saye sangat2 bz smpai naik gile..hahahha..bukan tipo ek..ini betol2...sebenarnya tengah stress nak study bile..nak siapkan FYP tikus selama 25 jam belum lagi ditonton..assignment sume subjek sem nie kene buat..thesis tak tulis2 lagi sebab blur je slaloo...tulis 2 3 ayat da mule bosan..camne nak siapkan sume nih...alahai...tulun2...heeee...

nie jap lagi nak dad da belikan cake blueberry cheese...yummy...sangat minat sume kek di secret recipes tue..kami sekeluarga memang selaloo je beli cake di situ for any saye cite pasal birthday dalam post yang lain..baru meriah sket..nie hanya nak update pape patot..(masih tiade idea untuk mintak adiah dari my dad..)

lastly..thanx 2 all yang wish for my brithday aritu...sayang korang..muahhh!

[caption id="attachment_874" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="i also need to study for my english exam..(bookshelf garomeda Mines)"][/caption]

Monday, February 22, 2010


aaaa..i hate when i get migraine!!…it hurts so much….i know when i read slide using microscope, i end up having headache…and i got nausea  too…huh..but its okay though…I'm going to finish it soon..hopefully by tomorrow i manage to read all the slides.. i can not stand it anymore…urrrggghhh…

After reading some slides… i quickly when back to my room and try to sleep..i thought by rest awhile it will gone soon but NO…its getting even worst!!..i get up and eat some pills..actually,it is better to avoid eating pills because one day you might be immune to the last resort to ease it during that time is by eating “painkillers”.

for your information, not everybody has this problem…normal people will only have mild headache that will cure if your rest for awhile..but migraine is different last longer…you need medicine to ease it..and lots of rest.

i think i have it because of hereditary..i get this migraine gene from my father..he also has it ..whenever he gets it,it last for few days..but for me it is not that bad because i just need to eat some pills and sleep for few hours..

the bad news is..migraine has no cure..only pills help to ease it..i think if i be able to become a scientist one day..I'm going to find the cure for it..yeah..


Saturday, February 20, 2010

edit2 photo..

[caption id="attachment_865" align="aligncenter" width="491" caption="cubaan peratama"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_866" align="aligncenter" width="464" caption="cubaan Kedua"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_867" align="aligncenter" width="454" caption="last2..haha"][/caption]

seriously memang best pakai benda nie edit2 picture..sume comel2 je jadi....

funny ke saye nie?

tetiba macam nak buat survey…

“kawan2…adekah anda rasa saye funny”


ps: kalau rajin..nyatakan sebab2nya okey???

Friday, February 19, 2010

hari yang penat

oho..arini letih sangat2 sebab masuk lab setelah berkurun lamenye (macamlah lame sangat!!) xpergi lab..haha..

18022010161 patutnye arini membaca slide darah tikus  yang berjumlah 170 kepingmenggunakan mikroskop ..banyakkan? tapi disebabkan abang kat lab tu sangat la peramahnya..kitaorang borak2 smpai berjam2!!haha..kesimpulannya hanya 10 slide je selamat bace…heh! bace slide memang memeningkan.kene kira2 berape banyak sel darah putih dalam slide tu..kalau tengok terlalu lame mesti jadi loya2 and nak muntah…sape penah buat mesti tau…perkara paling x best dalam my projek ialah bace slide…

time cuti2 nie student x balik lagi…so,abang 2 pon cam bosan je…kami pon borak2…abang 2 da banyak seronot la berborak..rase cam best..tanye die pe die buat pas belajar…bile kawin sume…sharing2 tengok pic anak and wife die…then tengok gambar2 die dulu-dulu..huhu…umur die maybe dalam 28 tahun kot…

soalan biasa tuk student final year ditanyakan kepada saye…

“lepas nie nak buat pe?”

“erm..keje kot” saya menjawab…

“sambung la belajar..nanti jadi lecturer” die kate..

“memang minat nak jadi tapi x larat lagi nak sambung…nanti dulu kot” saya menjawab lagi..

“klu jadi lecturer mesti kene kaco ngan student..”die mengusik..

“asal abang?” saya tanye….

“sebab lecturernya comel sangat..mesti kene mengorat”..die puji2…


seyes malu da…”eh..xdela…”(jawab smbil tersipu2)..abang lab nie sangat bermulut manis…macam DR TAUFIK yang hensem 2..heeee….

tapi abang 2 bukan nak mengorat saye…kamu2 semua yang sedang membaca mesti berpikiran bgitu..janganlah..haha..abang 2 suke mengusik…tapi die baik..

pastu ade die kaji2 saye punyi tarikh lahir..then dapat nombor 9..entah ape maksudnye saya x pasti..besok die bawak buku 2 katenye…saye nak tengok..kalu macam boleh percaye saye kongsi care kira2 itu disini okey?hehehe….

so…satu lagi,…saye x faham la…saya sukar nak berkomunikasi ngan orang tertentu…waaa…sedih!!…kejap je cakap..jadi tunggang terbalik dunia….maybe..just maybe..i need 2 go away…shut myself down from certain people…tapi bukan bunuh diri tau…heheh…

ps:  fathchan..i work so hard 2 write in full words…haha..berkali2 delete sebab asyik tershort form je words tu…

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

old memories

nie sbnrnye br smpai kolej…n turn out dat my housemate sume xde..n smpai2 je trs bkk lappy n tulis blog..

and…mase cuti CNY nie..i have a blast holiday..jmpe georgians sume..lepak2 ngan dorang..its so much fun…sgt srnk..mereka sgt2 true frends for me..n i luv them..^_^

the old memories yg nak ckp ni..sbnrnye adelah  ttg kad sy jmpe mase cuti hari 2 dlm my bag..da lame x gune bag 2..n rupenye ade simpan cards yg sgt2 sweet dr someone…da lame kot x tgk kad-kad 2…ade la 2 thn..huuu…

n bile bc blk…gosh!!!i cry so much kot…hahaha……(merah da mate nie)…its full of sweet2 cute…da lame x bc words mcm 2..awww…..jangan bengkak mate nie sudah la…hahaa…

k…2 je nak tulis…


Friday, February 12, 2010

Epy je~~ jalan2 kat KLCC ngan sgt dpt jmpe Wa…ilang rndu kat die..da lame x jmpe kn…huuu…me n wa

So..mase 1st jmpe Wa..ati bbunge riang..yela..malam sebelum hati sedih…sanggup pg Koperasi bli coklat 1 bar…abes dlm mase kjp je…haha…(tuk menghilangkan kesedihan bg dr sy ialah makan coklat byk2..lagi byk lagi bagos..huhu..)..pttla masih tembam lagi..ntah bile bole kurus…mayb hanye dlm mimpi…wawawawa…

so..smpai2 je wa kat kl sentral..sesi berkongsi masalah bermula…wa cite masalah die…saye pon cite masalah sy…sepanjang perjalanan bercakap je…(rase bdk georgians bole bayangkan) ..kami sering menghadapi mslh same…hahaha…ntah bile bole settle masalah xtau..huhu..”hidup ni ssh”..Wa kate..mmg btol pon…sokong 100%!!!

thanx sgt wa teman pg  British Council…mule2 xtau nak pg sane cmne tp pas tanye2 org dpt gak tau jalan….mule2 ingat nak tanye ain…wa pon msg la ain yg kat MANCHESTER tuh…haha….ain x balas..rupenye tgh tdo..yg kitaorg nie bijak sgt ingat mase same cm MALAYSIA..haha..last2 discover la sndri..sbb ain kate mase msg 2 smpai kt die mase die  tgh lena dibuai mimpi..hahaha… ^_^

kat British Council 2 mcm2 hal plak..ade ke gmbr passport xle pkai spec…xpaham2..da smpai penat2 di situ..xle plak dftr exam..kene amik gmbr x pkai spec..adoooyaaaiii…so pg la KLCC amik gmbr baru..nasib 10minit da siap…so..terpakse la pg semule…panas woo jalan nak pg sane..MALAYSIA mmg panas skang nie…

sbnarnye br tau nape la exam 2 mahal sgt..rupenye amik exam dlm HOTEL!! apekah grand sgt..haha…exam je pon..nak dkt ballroom hotel bagai..omputih nie mmg xnak kalah kot…huhuhu…kot kite org Malaysia nih…ade meja ade kerusi…ade kertas soalan..jalan jela exam 2…x perlu kot nak buat dlm hotel ..hotel 2 kat mane pon xtau lg..

“Where is the hotel?” sy tanye..

“Its just 5 minutes drive” jawab miss yg daftarkan saye 2.. “drive??”kate saye dlm hati..mcm la saye dtg naik kete..haha…mayb jalan kaki x jauh sgt kot…klu dikaji dr care ayat 2 la…xpela..kne google map nnti..

dpn klcc

so..mase kat KLCC kitaorg jalan2..tgk cite AVATAR 3D!! best sgt2 kot..rase mcm btol2 tau…

kema,da tgk cite Avatar blom???”..tanye Wa..

“blom,xde copy yg cantik gmbr..”saye jawab…

“ish..nie cito terhebat kot taun ni..mosti tgk..moh tgk!”..kate Wa excited….

cm2 la lebih kurang perbualan..nak tau..wlaupon kitaorg nie poie KLCC..bahaso nogori ttp digunekan!!kekdg prasan orang pndang2..haha…lantaklah..wat pe nak malu…weee….lg sronot kot bergosip dlm bahaso nogori…gaso sodap yo nak dongar..kihkih..

klu nak cite perjalanan kami berdua sepanjang ari..pasti akan penat menulis nih…so.stakat nie jela yg dapat di huraikan..tgh bz wat thesis nie..smpt lak tulis blog..yela..takut2 lupe plak memori smalam…sekian..

peribahase arini: “air di cincang takkan putus”..maksud..hubungan adik beradik atau keluarga takkan terputus walaupon kite berkelahi atau bergadoh…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

kete oh kete

owh..arini mood sgt mls…xtau nape..bgn tdo..main tenet n tdo blk..pas2 mkn…n tdo blk..sgt pemalas gile arini…aaaaa..xtau pe jadi..sepatotnye mule wat thesis..nie x..main tenet n tenet n tenet…jadi xnak buang mase update blog… ^_*

siap stalk lagi lecturer punye FB…huhu..2la..sape suwuh x private…hikhik..tetibe arini ternakal jap…owh..”knapekah??..sgt ske membuang mase…pas2 berangan jap…pk ini la..itu la..sgt minat Honda City…owh…teringinnye nak ade kete cam2…(*wondering)….see!! berangan lagi..!












sume org cube tgk…lawa kn kete nie..oh…!!jatuh chenta jap…heheh…ntah bile2 la ble pkai nih…xpela..keje dlu…then br beli…nak keje!!!nak keje! xlarat da nak blaja…naseb baik sket je lg nak abes…fuhhh….klu x….hanye bermimpi jela nak pkai kete…n kete nie sgt mahal…2,3 taun keje pon blom tentu ble pkai…org yg pndai simpan duit jela mampu..*sigh*

xpela…mulekan impian kecil-kecilan dlu…bermaksud..beli la MYVI ke VIVA ke dlu…sekian..


p/s: ntah sy merepek pon xtau…mood sgt x betul..rungsing kjp,epy kjp,excited plak lps 2..ntah pape…

Sunday, February 7, 2010

xtau sile tanye

kadang2 kite suke sgt wat andaian ikut ske ati kite sendiri..

tp kadang2 andaian 2 salah..

so,klu x tau n x pasti..ringan2 la mulut bertanye…

supaye kite x sesat jalan…

supaye x terpesong pemikiran…

supaye kite x salah phm…

-“renung2kan dan selamat beramal”-

p/s: peribahase xde….(otak xjalan) hukhuk…

arini oh arini...

well...seperti mane yg dihebahkn dlm status FB sy mmg pg tgk wyg td...cite "Adnan Sempit"...cite nie mmg klaka giler...well,sam (hero) sgt pndai blakon...hukhuk..ade ke mat rempit pndai nangis...what a cute boy!! die sgt comel...haha...

[caption id="attachment_828" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="oh...lihatlah"][/caption]

byk ayat2 dlm cite 2 sy suggest sape2 yg x tengok..sokong la filem melayu bak kate adik saye...huhu..pandai 12 cite wyg 2 pon die blanje... ^_^

then mkn blanje..mntk die blanje lg...bankrupt plak...huhu...sdp mkn piza for CNY punye..penuh dgn cheese... to somebody..."sy da mkn piza td tuk awak"hehehe...sgt sedap...n da kompemkn da Hawaiann masih ade n ur fave pon ade jgk lagi...huuu... n piza skang da naik taraf...nak pnggil waiter pkai tekan2 butang...canggih..!!hahaha

nak tunjuk gmbr,tenet di umah x bape nak ok...(nie la yg mls nak update blog di umah)..agaknye pas abes study sure da x memblogging lagi..heheh...ltk jwtn sbgai blogger..act,byk nak tenet x ok..stop smpai sini dlu...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

peribahase arini: "dont let banana fruits 2 times (jangan bg pisang berbuah 2 kali)- maksud..klu ble perkare yg x elok 2 janganlah blaku lagi....sekali je yg x serik..ske ati...haha...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Symposium oh symposium

mesti korang tertanye-tanye apekah la makna symposium nih. so,disbbkan sy sndri pon xtau nak terang cmne…make google la kat tenet (kate ilmu di ujung jari kn…:-) )

so inilah maknanye:
  • a meeting or conference for the public discussion of some topic especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentationsso…mmg la bkaitan dgn presentations symposium nih…akan ade 1 event besar2an dibuat di UPM for undergrad Biomedic di Fakulti Perubatan dan Sains Kesihatan. dimane..universiti tempatan dijmpt hadir(biomed student only) dtg memeriahkan symposium melibatkan UKM,UIA and so on…

    tp la kn yg x bestnye, sume student biomed UPM kene present…adooii… :-( da la byk keje..menambahkan lg keje…oh terima kasihlah kpd penganjur!!! wawawawa….wlaupon ptandingan ....adiah die sy x ksh sgt pon..

    tgh pening sbnrnye nie nak wat abstract(ringkasan projek)..2 la yg melalut kat sinie…meh sy tunjuk abstract yg tgh dibuat.. klu korang phm bace..bagoslah..meh la join symposium nie ha..dgr scientist2 mude merepek..hahaha..(tmsk sy)

    tarikh: 13 March 2010 and 14 March 2010 ( snarnye nak g KLCC time nie…ade event lagi…aaa..sedih x dpt join)

    me will be presenting on 13 March..sesape nak tgk sy melalut sile la dtg..xjauh de UPM..KAT SERDANG….i will be in Physiology Category kot…sbb bak kate doktor ,My RESEARH under Neuroendocrine Physiology.

    In a nutshell, my research is all about finding the new ANTIDEPRESSANT DRUG FOR HUMAN…oh yeah… :-)


    peribahasa arini: "tuah ayam nampak di kaki,tuah manusia sape yang tahu" bermaksud..rezeki seseorang itu ditgn Allah..jd jgnlah putus asa..sume org ade mase senang masing2..cume cepat atau lmbt je...sekian..
  • Sunday, January 31, 2010

    Hazelnut Chocolate Cheese Cake n my housemates baked cheese cake..oh..sgt sedap OK!! stiap kali mkn memuji2 kesedapan kek itu..

    “oh sedapnye”…

    “ la”


    cm2 la…nie sume gare2 idea EN.KOBOI yg wat  blackcurrant cheese cake die tuh…,my housemate cr resepi kt tenet n bli bhn2 di Mid Valley..

    so..en koboi…org Malaysia pon da wat cheese Versi lain sket..

    well… men can bake a cake…he said..

    so now i said… girl can bakes a cake too.. :-) huhu…resepi dr tenet je..cmpur sini sane..jadi la kek 2…kukus je..oven xde..


    Hazelnut Chocolate

    jom tgk Vampire Diaries..

    sy ske sgt drama terbaru nie..act,x la br sgt pon..its started last yr..not really remember when..seyesly...mmg best tgk cite nie...psl vampires..and ade witches gak...wah..srnk n exciting cite die...mase tgk cemas je nak tau ending..huu..

    pade sesape mmg xde keje nak wat,ble la tgk cite da episode 12... x sbr nak tggu di nxt episode lak..dlu slaloo download drama nie kt mininova tp da mati plak website 2...kene saman da jmpe website br..not a best la nk download brmcm2 cite..kbykn movies DVD best la...gmbr cntk size xperlu tggu lame2 nak dwnld...kejap ble siap...

    so sape nak tau website pe..tanye k....nnti sy share..nie website org melayu tau..huuu...

    The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural-fantasy horror television series developed by Kevin Williamson, based on the book series of the same name by L. J. Smith. The series follows the life of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), who falls in love with vampire brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder). The series also focuses on the lives of Elena's friends and other inhabitants of the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. The series is a mix of teen drama and the supernatural.

    my latest fave song - Two is better Than One...

    Friday, January 29, 2010

    thinking too much

    oh..u noe wat…i forgot i got class today..diz morning afta smayang subuh i got back to sleep n set my hp alarm to wake up a bit late…heheh…

    but then..suddenly,someone knock my door n there’s yatie my housemate..

    “kema,x gi klas ke??”

    “oh..ade klas ke…kema lupe la” (act.i was a bit blur dat time n juz say dat)when i totally woke up,i realized dat actually i got class on FRIDAY!!!haha..

    its actually 8.45am n class start at 9 am..i quickly get up n get ready to class..i managed to arrive around 9.15am but the lecturer also juz dats mean im not late!!!

    its been 6 weeks already but i still cant remember my own schedule…*sigh*

    diz happen mayb bcuz i think too much..everyday i keep thinking bout all diz things…when i said everyday..i mean it!! it basically about..

    a) when my thesis will finish…

    b) can i get A for my Final year Project?

    c) what i want to do afta diz? get a job? lepak2? pursue Master?

    d) when exactly i want to take my “expensive exam”

    e)if i choose master who will sponsor me?

    f) when can i buy my “Honda City”

    g) am i really can be a good lecturer or should juz choose a job where i can get alot of money

    h) i should go somewhere else like  Uk OR something..

    i) which top university i should choose if i ever want to pursue my master

    j) change my look…no more spectacles…reborn hair even im wearing tudung..change my style…wearing some make up..haha..hope so..

    well…u can see soooooo many things going alot in my mind…some said,”go with the flow kema” yes…i like dat..but I've my dream…if i want to achieve it I've to work on it..I've to keep thinking so i will find the solution..mayb plan A,plan B, plan C or even until Plan Z if I've too…

    n another headache came today..all students have to present their own thesis for the Biomed to present in front many people..i repeat..”strange people”!! my faculty invited biomed students from others universities to take part in this symposium..aaaaaa… xske!!!!!!xmo…!!

    so..disbbkan i dun like dat…i try put on some make up i bought 2day..when shopping again wif my housemate…lost another few hundreds..damn..i’ve never learn to save money…hahaha…

    some pictures i took..(mode perasan)..dun comment on my pictures..but wat i like is dat my housemate said i look like Pakistan or Iranian Gurl.. :-) tenkiu guys..muaah!! if u notice my nose look "mancung"..act i dun hv "hidung mancung" but i can teach you how to do it..its simple!!



    actually I've some Pakistan blood in my body…my grandpa is pure Pakistan. We also called our uncle in Hindustan Language. also my family love all Pakistan food…if u don't like nenek will said diz:

    “ cmne nie,org pakistan x reti makan capati” or “ ha,jangan x makan lauk2 tu “(means kari,sayur yg mmg aneh..but i like dat sayur,manisan)

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    image Sebuah blog yg jual wordpress theme...yg pntg disini ialah mereka sume org Malaysia..mude2 lg dorang nih..oh,ske theme korang..sume comel2....ske2!!!...teringin nak bli tp xreti n mungkin juge tiade duit...yg paling feveret yg Phanatic 2..hehe...


    kpd silent bff ku..fathchan (antare org kuat website nie)...bangge wooo member sy nie terer wat website..diam2 ubi berisi gitu..oh la diskaun...heheh...ko kn kaye...muahahaha..xpon ko cipta theme pinky gitu tuk aku..sure aku syg ko berjuta2 lemon....kire adiah bday in advance..bule x cm2??? :-) huuu..(gurau je)…

    peribahasa arini: "Makan bubur panas-panas." kata ini bermaksud jangan bertindak tergesa2,akhirnya nnti kita jua yg la pk dlu sblm wat kputusan...jgn main belasah je...... okies?? Sebuah blog yg jual wordpress theme...oh,ske theme korang..sume comel2....ske2!!!...teringin nak bli tp xreti n mungkin juge tiade duit...yg paling feveret yg Phanatic 2..hehe...

    kpd silent bff ku..fathchan (antare org kuat website nie)...bangge wooo member sy nie terer wat website..diam2 ubi berisi gitu..oh la diskaun...heheh...ko kn kaye...muahahaha..xpon ko cipta theme pinky gitu tuk aku..sure aku syg ko berjuta2 lemon.... :-)

    Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    apekah exam td????

    perkataan apekah sgt suke digunakah oleh sy..heee...menunjukkan btape konpiusnye situasi itu...smpai xble nak phm..jd gunekn perkataan "apekah"... :-)

    itulah pkataan yg ditanye kpde kawan2 sejurus abes exam behaviour pagi td...

    "wei korang..apekah exam td?" ..bgitulah lbh kurang ayatnye...seperti pertanyaan mereka phm..itu bukan soalan..itu adalah FAKTA!! bermaksud = giler ssh la exam td...soalan die x ble blah...

    aaaa....sedih la cmnie...budget nak dpt 4flat tuk last sem nie cuz mane tau leh dpt adiah best2 ke dr my parentskn...erm..nmpknye 4 fly la...hahaha...mmg sgt ade tendency nak check jwpn..wooo..sgt la byk salah kekadang rezeki tu Allah bG kn..kene tawakal byk2...da usahe(well not enuf)..sntiase yakin Allah menyokong kite selagi kite x lupekan Dia..

    mcm last sem..1 paper nie carry mark sy paling terendah to b exact...klu ilang 2 mark tros x dapat at dapat gak A...heee...mmg x sangke...miracle abes...itulah...kuasa doa n tawakal sgt mujarab..doa la pape yg anda mahukan sepenoh ati..doa ari2...1 ari nnti insyallah ALLAH akan mendengar...perlu yakin...2 je..

    mayb 2 test dlm 1 ari mmg sgt memeningkan...yg bestnye...Amik exam 1st kat Dp2 then exam kedua Dp3..sblh2 je..bkk pntu 2 masuk pintu 3..mase 2 ade la bdk2 cina yg jgk kuar exam awal for 1st exam..dorang tersengih2 je...n ckp

    " abes 1 exam masuk exam lg satu...mmg best...haha..."

    sy jawab" yup..mcm main bola 1st half,nie 2nd half..." (pergh..skang da expert bab2 bola...n9 main mst nak tgk omputih main bola mmg xde maknenye...haha)

    k..nak mndi...sekian..

    peribahasa arini: "Orang berbudi kita Berbahasa"..bermaksud...jika ada orang memberi pertolongan pd kite jgn segan2 cakap terima kasih...

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    having fun ngan my lil sis

    act, sy da lame da x shopping kat Mid..Last pg pon mase tgk wyg Times Travellers Wife wif ****…heheh… so, di sbbkan parents kitaorg xde umah…make me n my sis plan la nak shopping2 kat mid…

    padahal taun nie azam da tak nak shopping lg…x menjadi plak azam 2…huuu…shopping jgk la akhirnye dgn my sis..then,blikan adiah buffday tuk die…bg perfum je sbb die xde lagi perfum for herself…asyik pkai mama punye je…hikhik…

    mmg ramai sgt org kat mid time weekend…sesak btl dlm train..mcm sardin..nasib xde hilang barang pape..yela,kejadian mencuri di kwsn ktm sntiase ade je…so,sgt kene berhati2..pegang beg yg bwk 2 kuat2…kadang2 dorang saje je tolak2 kite mase masuk train sbb nak seluk poket kite..mase 2 mst kite x rase sgt sbb rmai org la ye…

    papepon..sonot shopping..dapat bj baru…weee….n make up stuff…ingat nak pkai contacts je pas nih… ^_^ sng nak make up….heheh..

    p.s": gmbr saye menunjukkan beg yang penuh dgn barang2 shopping….  :-)   yang bwh skali nie ialah my lil sis…sy ske bwk die g shopping…


    Friday, January 22, 2010

    smbgn kepade..PENGALAMAN..


    as i the story bout last nite...act,i dun hv much time to write  everything coz i've to get back to seremban 2day to baby sit my parents already off to indonesia for their honeymoon..(so sad,they dont even bring any of us..*sob3*) lmbt je tulis in eng ni..heheh..ok smalam act me n saadah pg event kat Mandarin Oriental Hotel sblh Klcc 2..event die pasal study in King's College London...Act,xla nk pg sane pon...saje gatal try2 mohon tmpt dpt pulak stlh beberape kali foward email 2 dorang bls n kate bole pg...act,xla rmai pg pon..bwh 20 org je rasenye...

    tp event nie best sbb dpt tau cmne nak study di Uk or London sronot plak dgr org putih 2 cite...and ade gak alumni yg dtg bg tau pengalaman dorang...for me klu nak fly pon mcm2 kene wat sndri,tp tula..xtau nak g ke x..keje tros pon ok je..hehe..sbb da mls gler nk study nie...klu pk2 kn mmg sronot dpt blaja di negara org tp stil..sponsorship bkn sng nak cr..sesape nak fly 2..means for master or phD mmg kene usahe sndri...

    but the event make people yg dtg excited nak blaja di london...yela..tmpt yg famous 2..da la voted for 1st university for city life...cm2 lah lbh kurangnye...nnti akan ade event cmnie,nnti sy update la k kat mane2..kot2 ade yg berminat nak smbg di Uk..klu saye pon mmg nak sambung my research di Uk..Sbb for research dorang sgt la advanced..

    disbbkn event 2 mlm..make mlm br balik...x sempat nak networking dgn org yg hadir..juz smpt berkenalan ngan sorang abg nie least tmbh la sorang kenalan kn? papepon,event cmnie mmg bagos cume x di hebah2kan...xtau pesal...

    k..xle da tulis lg..nak siap2 blk seremban nie...



    1st time pkai Blouse g jalan2…heee..