Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Windows Live Writer

my window

rite now I'm writing this post using my windows live writer..

It does not come with the genuine windows 7 cause what you need to do are downloading it at Microsoft.com. there are many other applications available for download that doesn't come along with the genuine windows 7 (p.s: you must have the genuine copy in order to download the extra application)

back to Windows Live Writer..

I'm not sure whether we need 2 have internet connection while writing new post using this application..

this  is really cool…. moreover,it has extra function compare using your dashboard blog cause you can edit the picture easily (even can put watermark,shadow n etc)

Windows 7 has so many great features..i really2 recommend you guys to use Windows 7..its cool..its brilliant..so many features you can try like the shaker,Peek and Snap..its come with theme that easy to change..i change everything (not really everything but enuf to see that i luv pink)  into pink color (big fan of PINK)

for The Shake video…


The Peek

New in Windows 7, Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop. Simply move your mouse over the little transparent rectangle in the lower right corner of your screen—and watch open windows instantly turn transparent, revealing all your hidden icons and gadgets.



  1. No money to buy the original copy. :P

  2. jpa money coming soon....haha..
    cant wait!!
    btw..mac nye lappy ble gune ek pape windows?

  3. buatpe mac nak gune windows? hahahah

  4. sharul..aku silap la..
    rase mcm laptop kwn aku yg lg 1...huuu..
    kn fath?

  5. Yup, dalam Mac OS ada Bootcamp; boleh install mana2 OS yang dia support.
    So far sampai version Win 7 memang support dalam Mac.
    Kalau install Windows dalam Mac bukanlah terus akan tukar pakai Windows OS.
    Dia jadi dual OS - boleh pilih nak run on Mac OS or Windows masa boot.
    In case you need to run a software that has not yet comes in Mac version.

  6. wah...bgsnye penerangan...fath..ko nie mmg ptt keje bidang2 IT nie..
    mmg kene sgt..huuu...xyah biomed da..

  7. Haha.. penerangan secara bertulis boleh la kema..
    Cuba suruh aku cakap depan orang ramai... Segan gak kot..
    Boleh la sikit2 untuk side income. :P

  8. pergh...double income la sok2 nie..masyuk ah...
    jgn lupe blanje...heheh