Sunday, December 13, 2009

sauna my HP laptop

well..actually 2 days ago my tablet pc (brand HP-TX1000) CANNOT REBOOT...!

it happened so sudden when i wasnt there..

when i tried 2 turn it on..only lights came up but the screen still doesnt even bother 2 turn on and start!!

i was damn sad n then ask my frends to look at it yesterday..

n sad things was..he cannot repair and give it back 2 me..

i was really depressed n called my mum to buy me  a new laptop cause i noe its gonna take few weeks to repair my tablet pc..

my mum agreed so i decided 2 go home 2morow..

i thought my lappy cannot boot maybe due to motherboard crash or something like that..

so then i borrow saadah lappy to find about the motherboard price...its totally expensive!maybe around rm700..

so...i tried to search what may causing my laptop become like that..i search for "tx1000 hp laptop cannot boot"

i got so many answer..i read few forums..

they discuss about how much tablet pc require power to start up..thats y sometimes the screen suddenly cannot be turn on...tablet pc is total cool lappy cause it contains every function a laptop can have like touch screen,fingerprint ID,can flip it 180..i can say that tablet pc it a genius pc..thats y i luv my laptop soooo muucchhh!!!my dad gave it 2 me 2 years ago..

so then..i found the technique they post on how to fix this things up..many weird way can be done  2 make it turn on..there r 2 ways i tried 2day..but both are same for the same want to make your laptop to overheat..this method are like this:

1. first, using hair dryer..heat your laptop at the back where the fan is, then turn it on.heat it up to 4 minutes..then turn on and off until it boot..well i did tried this method but it wont work for me..they say maybe need to do like that for 40 times..

2.second was easier...i need to on my laptop..cover it with towel and put in the bag..leave it for 1 hours..then turn off your power..let it cool for awhile then turn it on..well i did it and IT WORKS FOR ME WITH ONLY 1 ATTEMPT!! so glad and happy..well the founder of the idea must be GENIUS i guess..haha.. so damn happy cause it save me hundreds need to repair it..n my laptop now works likes charm..huu..^_^

well..the technique is quite funny but it works for so many people who using HP laptop...well if other brand im not so sure but well you can give it a try..i means at first i found it funny but i was damn desperate that time..luckily it does work 4 me..huhu... =)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="my laptop looks like this"][/caption]


  1. haha.. memang comel (teknik ni). hehe. bagus btol. len kali sauna je ek?

  2. hehe thats funny:) myself i only use acer laptops

  3. funny but it works..i dunno it works until when...
    saadah: 2la..sauna je sng...tuka motherboard sgt mahal..