Monday, December 28, 2009

eppy new year everyone..

so...lg 3 ari nak masuk 2010...

marilah kite sesame membuat azam br agar 2010 lebih bermakna...

kepade saye sudah tentunye 2010 akan menjadi detik bermakne dlm idup sbb kami akan bergraduate taun itu..insyaallah klu xde masalah pape kan..heheh...

tahun nie mcm2 azam saye...

agar menjadi insan yg lebih baik dr sebelumnye..

ingin berhijrah dan melupakan segale duka yg berlaku pade taun 2009..

smoge taun nie lebih baik dr sebelumnye..amin....

so,nie ade video saye wat tuk housemate saye...

enjoy k..

simple nak wat cukup ikhlas dr ati ini..chewahh....haha...

Friday, December 25, 2009

im stuck in the lab

ho..ho..ho....Xmas day is 2day.. here in the lab...

working on my experiment...soooo saaaddd!!! =(

oh y? n y? i need 2 be here...(for grade of course)

x kire..mggu depan nak blk..yuhuu...nak jmpe aisya n georgians..

rndu giler kat korang..

meh kte jmpe cuti new yr nak...

p/s(georgians only): ingat x sya pnah ajak kite sume pg umah die yg br renovate 2 tuk smbut nEW yEAR?? KAN best dpt sleepover sesame lg skali mcm kat melake 2..oh wat a SWEET MEMORIES!..^_^

[caption id="attachment_740" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="sorang2 dlm lab anatomi.. =("][/caption]

xde org pon kat lab nie kcuali saye n staff sorang 2..adoooiii...cpt la abes...

[caption id="attachment_741" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="analyze some data..muke je senyum 2..dlm ati...... nie rasenye.. "=(""][/caption]

Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas!

merry christmas everyone...

2moro is  a holiday but not for me...

i stuck in the lab doing experiment alone...sob..sob..="(

plus im sick body temp r quite high..

when im sick, i always miss someone..even i've cried so eyes are going to explode soon...huuu...

ooo....i need some rest..huwaaa...really hope my experiment will end soon...PLZ~~~!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone who celebrate it!!.^_^

dedicated 2 everyone..he play so harmony..i luv it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Windows Live Writer

my window

rite now I'm writing this post using my windows live writer..

It does not come with the genuine windows 7 cause what you need to do are downloading it at there are many other applications available for download that doesn't come along with the genuine windows 7 (p.s: you must have the genuine copy in order to download the extra application)

back to Windows Live Writer..

I'm not sure whether we need 2 have internet connection while writing new post using this application..

this  is really cool…. moreover,it has extra function compare using your dashboard blog cause you can edit the picture easily (even can put watermark,shadow n etc)

Windows 7 has so many great features..i really2 recommend you guys to use Windows 7..its cool..its many features you can try like the shaker,Peek and Snap..its come with theme that easy to change..i change everything (not really everything but enuf to see that i luv pink)  into pink color (big fan of PINK)

for The Shake video…


The Peek

New in Windows 7, Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows straight to the Windows 7 desktop. Simply move your mouse over the little transparent rectangle in the lower right corner of your screen—and watch open windows instantly turn transparent, revealing all your hidden icons and gadgets.


Monday, December 21, 2009

maggi mee sedap MMG SEDAP!!!

nie mmg xde keje...

saje je nak bgtau korang yg mi segera mi sedap 2 teramat la sedapnye..

smggu ntah bp kali mkn..

mmg tau mi segera x baik sgt tuk kesihatan tp nk wat cmne..time2 cuti cmni da la kene duk kolej pas2 siap kolej nye kafe ttp plak..

nak x nak maggi jela jd santapan mlm/diner...

sbb senang nak msk n sedap di mkn...

aktv mkn mi segera nie mmg famous la dikalangan student2 kan..

..tipu la klu ade student kate die xpnh mkn maggi accept die mmg anti-mi segera kot..sbb mi segera jela yg paling mudah nak msk n murah..heheh..

papepon...dlu minat maggi kari skang mi segera mi SEDAP perisa asli yg SEDAP SGT9!!!..huuu..^_^

p/s: pnh skali 2 masak smpai 2 bungkus sbb lunch xmkn langsung cos bz wat experiment...

tahniah la kepada pengurus mi segera Mi SEDAP..kerane mi segera anda mmg SEEEEEDDDAAAAAPPP!!!!!

[caption id="attachment_727" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="nie la mi segera mi sedap 2.."][/caption]

Sunday, December 20, 2009

sad song..

ske lagu nie..sdh je..auchh...giler menusuk kalbu..huuu...luv it..^_^

what a nice sad song...dedicated 2 me...

it touch my heart..

n sore lee hong ki (the main singer sgt "lemak berkrim"..haha)

ft island- LOVE SICK

do u think DBSK is better?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

lappy baru..

my dad bought me new lappy yesterday...huhu..

cause last week my tablet pc had some problems to boot but after my dad bought me a new lappy brand acer hp works damn fine!!! hp lappy is at home now..2day my dad n my mum bring this new lappy for me..

its a nice lappy..i like it!!

the spec are such as:

Intel C2D T6600, 2.2 Ghz | 800 | 2 Mb
4Gb DDR 3
500 GB
14.1” wxga Crystal
1280 X 800
NVIDIA Geforce 105M, 512 Dedicated
Wifi 108N | Bluetooth
window 7 home premium
Weight 2.4Kg

TAKE A look at  some pictures i took using this new lappy...

also perfect for watching videos cause it has 18:9m HD LED true cinematic view (DOLBY HOME THEATRE)

the webcam is soooo clear..luv it!! ^_^

[caption id="attachment_711" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="cutekn teddy 2?"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_712" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="wawawawawa.....heheh"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_713" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="memikirkan mase depan...chewah.."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="seronot berposing n amik gmbr gune webcam"][/caption]

p/s: cmne? cntkkn pic2 di atas(bkn modelnye ye)...rasenye mcm 2 megapixel je webcam nie..xtau btl ke x..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

cute kids..

bgskan bdk nie..pdai btul main..

adik nie sgt3 comel..mase skolah lagi da tgk video nie...smpai skang masih ske..yang besh 2 die ble wat gaye2 manje..part jeling2 mate 2 best!!!!

nie die da besar...hehe

me mase zaman baby...

well..dulu sy penah janji kn nak letak my pic mase baby...

n dlu sy pnh cakap yg rmbt saye tegak2 mcm trojan..hehe..

muke sy mcm lelaki la bile tgk..huhu..agaknye kne muke mcm boy dlu br da besar gurly habes.. face nie mmg same ngan my lil sis mase kecik...

k..enjoy tgk my pic..

[caption id="attachment_704" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="hehe..rambut trojan.."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_705" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="mate putih sy biru mase kecik2..klu korang dpt tgk la..when da 2 thn br jd putih blk..heee... =)"][/caption]

p/s: saye sgt putih mase kecik2 n bermate putih yg kebiru-biruan mayb sbb my mum menyampah ngan bos omputih die dlu mase die keje n mengandungkan mum kate die x pnh ske bos die 2..syik marah2 je keje die..last2 sy berkenan kot kat bos berkenan dr segi mata n putih je k..lelain sory..haha..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

sauna my HP laptop

well..actually 2 days ago my tablet pc (brand HP-TX1000) CANNOT REBOOT...!

it happened so sudden when i wasnt there..

when i tried 2 turn it on..only lights came up but the screen still doesnt even bother 2 turn on and start!!

i was damn sad n then ask my frends to look at it yesterday..

n sad things was..he cannot repair and give it back 2 me..

i was really depressed n called my mum to buy me  a new laptop cause i noe its gonna take few weeks to repair my tablet pc..

my mum agreed so i decided 2 go home 2morow..

i thought my lappy cannot boot maybe due to motherboard crash or something like that..

so then i borrow saadah lappy to find about the motherboard price...its totally expensive!maybe around rm700..

so...i tried to search what may causing my laptop become like that..i search for "tx1000 hp laptop cannot boot"

i got so many answer..i read few forums..

they discuss about how much tablet pc require power to start up..thats y sometimes the screen suddenly cannot be turn on...tablet pc is total cool lappy cause it contains every function a laptop can have like touch screen,fingerprint ID,can flip it 180..i can say that tablet pc it a genius pc..thats y i luv my laptop soooo muucchhh!!!my dad gave it 2 me 2 years ago..

so then..i found the technique they post on how to fix this things up..many weird way can be done  2 make it turn on..there r 2 ways i tried 2day..but both are same for the same want to make your laptop to overheat..this method are like this:

1. first, using hair dryer..heat your laptop at the back where the fan is, then turn it on.heat it up to 4 minutes..then turn on and off until it boot..well i did tried this method but it wont work for me..they say maybe need to do like that for 40 times..

2.second was easier...i need to on my laptop..cover it with towel and put in the bag..leave it for 1 hours..then turn off your power..let it cool for awhile then turn it on..well i did it and IT WORKS FOR ME WITH ONLY 1 ATTEMPT!! so glad and happy..well the founder of the idea must be GENIUS i guess..haha.. so damn happy cause it save me hundreds need to repair it..n my laptop now works likes charm..huu..^_^

well..the technique is quite funny but it works for so many people who using HP laptop...well if other brand im not so sure but well you can give it a try..i means at first i found it funny but i was damn desperate that time..luckily it does work 4 me..huhu... =)

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="my laptop looks like this"][/caption]

Saturday, December 12, 2009



sape sokong...???

lappy rosak..

semalam tetibe lappy rosak...

argggghhh..xle trime...

my lappy xpnh rosak pon b4 nie...

da 2thn pkai...sedih2..

hope wan dpt la btlkn...(crossing fingers)

mggu nie mmg mggu sedih sgt!...

sume bnde cm x btl je... =(

p/s: nie tgh gune lappy saadah..

Friday, December 11, 2009

tidak tenang..=(

[caption id="attachment_680" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="termenung ketike sedih... =("][/caption]

runsingnye hati nie...!!!!!! ='(

nak tdo pon ssh!


[caption id="attachment_681" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="nie la mp3 yg mmg 24jam dgn saye..lagi2 time sedih nie..lagi rajin la dgr sume lagu sedih ikut mood.."][/caption]

p/s: cepat la isnin.. =(

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My experiment..

arini mmg letih sgt2..yela..da 2 ari start treatment for my FYP..

dari pagi smpai ptg wat keje je..xmakan pon..mnum pon x..

mmg menggigil2 bile da nak petang ..

nak ptg ekor tkus pn shaking gler...

pas2 syik2 ckp sory kat tkus 2..haha...

mane x nye..pagi dtg lab..

kene color2 ekor tkus 2..70 ekor..

then bg ubat..70 ekor secare force..

ssh tol...

[caption id="attachment_672" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="extract  dlm bntk cecair yg akan diberi kat tkus2 saye 2.."][/caption]

pas2 kene wat test plak..

ade 2 jenis testnye..

test 2 plak cute2 blake...

nie yg 1st..

[caption id="attachment_673" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="nie testnye...mmg tkus 2 takut btl..huhu..."][/caption] test plak dgn nie...nie lg cute..

tkus yg kecik 2 berenang2 je..comel..^_^

[caption id="attachment_674" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="nie bg tkus 2 berenang2...huhu..cumel2..."][/caption]

n last skali..

potong ekor die..(cket je..bkn sume ye)

tu amik darah and smear kat slide..

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="nie slide yg da siap...blm di stain lg...wah byk keje.."][/caption]

so..ari2 sy wat bnde nie..

pagi2 lagi da start..da ptg br abes..

sok ulang lg bnde same..

seyes mmg pnt..

tp ade 1 bnde wat sy kurang pnt..nak tau pe...

iaitu menonton korean drama..

tajuk "youre beautiful"

cite nie mmg best..tgk la tau..pd sesape yg xde keje 2kn..

xrugi tgk..klaka cite nie..

made me laugh everyday..sgt ske!!!!!!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="599" caption="cite nie best...heroin menyamar jadi lelaki...."][/caption]

p/s: tgk la ye cite menyarankan..haha..ske hero no.2..die lg ensem dr jarang jatuh ati pade second kali nie berbeza!!nmpknye,sy ble ske kat second hero..yuhuuu...(selame nie rase klu ske yg satu..2 je kene ske..xle tuka..skang da ble..^_^..)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ciri-ciri org bulan FEBRUARI...

Sy lahir bulan Februari...dan ini adalah ciri2 yg diberi oleh Dr Fadzilah Kamsah...

1.Berfikiran abstrak-> xpon...haha..

2.Sukakan benda yang reality dan abstrak-> yg reality btl...

3.Intelligent, bijak dan genius->tipu..slh nie...

4.Berpesonaliti yang mudah berubah->erm..mayb kot..kekadang sewel n kekadang cute...heheh..ntah la..

5.Mudah menawan orang lain-> huhu..mayb...^_^

6.Agak pendiam, pemalu dan rendah diri->bile mase sy pendiam nie?? sgt ske berckp...

7.Jujur dan setia pada segalanya-> ye2..mmg sorang setia..minat eminem dr form 1..smpai skang ske die lg...

8.Keras hati untuk mencapai matlamat->tpt skali..nak dpt ape yg sy nak...

9.Tidak suka dikongkong-> parents pon slaloo pning...

10.Mudah memberontak apabila dikongkong->haha...samela ngan jwpn atas..

11.Suka kegiatan... yang lasak-> xske...haha..i dun like..jog ske la..

12.Emosinya mudah terluka dan sangat sensitif-> hehe..sgt x ske NANGIS!..

13.Mudah mempamerkan marahnya-> nope..but klu bnde 2 mmg sgt perlu sy marah..n i will..

14.Tidak suka benda yang remeh-temeh-> depends la ape yg remeh temeh 2..

15.Suka berkawan tapi kurang mempamerkannya->ske berkawan n ske pamerkan...slalo bg adiah pe mase bday dorang...huuu..

16.Sangat berani dan suka memberontak-> not sis always say dat 2 me.."penakut la angah nie?"

17.Bercita-cita tinggi dan suka berangan-angan dan ada harapan untuk merealisasikan impiannya-> yep9..berangan mmg hobi sy..

18.Pemerhatian yang tajam-> xla tajam mane...sedang2 klu tgk tv ske komen baju org 2 xkene x seswai la..haha..bengong bile ngan my sis jela..

19.Suka hiburan dan sukan-> i luv music..

20.Suka benda yang bersifat seni->erm..seni???ape 2?

21.Sangat romantik pada dalaman tetapi tidak pada luaran-> ^_^

22.Berkecenderungan pada benda yang tahyul-> TAK

23.Amat mudah dan boleh menjadi terlalu boros->haha..malu nak ngaku..sgt btl yg nih..x reti langsung kawal duit..adoii...

24.Belajar untuk mempamerkan emosi.-> stiap ari pon sy blaja..ngeee..^_^

punggah tong sampah...

ye..mmg sy punggah tong sampah td..

nak tau sbb pe??

sbbnye gavage/needle nak force feed tkus tetibe ilang pg td..

trus stress kjp..da la arini kene force feed 50 ekor...

tgh2 nak ready force feed tetibe tgk needle 2 ilang...

da xtau nak mtnk kat en ramli yg br...

sgt besar needle die..ssh btl nak force feed..

dlm ati da terpk..nie mst terbungkus dgn kertas srt khabar smalam..

make niat nak punggah ade...

hijaz n sya sokong sy punggah tong sapah..

nak xnak TERPAKSE!!!

da la dlm tog smpah tue pnuh tahi tkus,darah tkus,tissue da gune..

bagai nak muntah cr tadi..loya abes..

tp berbaloi la sebab jumpe..

klu ilang kene ganti rm300

p/s:sok sy upload gmbr tong sampah 2..hikhik...^_^

Saturday, December 5, 2009

lagu retro...

mst ade yg x caye klu sy ckp sy ske dgr lagu2 90 an...

sbb sy mmg ske sgt dgr lagu english kadang2 retro pon lyan gak..

lagu2 jiwang2 tue...heheh

act,b4 tdo lately la slaloo dgr tau...sbb mendayu2 je lagunye..

n senang sgt nak tdo...(hv prob to sleep..otak merewang2 ingat bnde2 remeh temeh)

lagu dlu2 lirik die memang menusuk kalbu abes...

tp lagu2 skang nie x cm dlu da..sume simple2 je...

bak kate along saye..klu lagu dlu2 sedap dgr smpai meremang bulu roma..

seyes..mmg btl pn!!!!huhuhu..

nie slh satu lg yang best..

iklim-bukan ku tak sudi..

this song dedicated to saadah(my rumie)..die pencinta lagu2 lame n jiwang nie...

ari kakak ipar tgk my mp3..pas2 die tgk sy tgh dgr lagu lame2..

kak fizi: angah dengar lagu cmnie??(rmai org x caye sy dgr lagu cmnie..=p)

sy: hehe..saje2 je..

kak fizi: aik,tgh bercinta sakan ke?

sy: eh..xde la...mmg saje2 tuka mood..

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bad Romance...

dun ever fall in a BAD ROMANCE...

...its better being single rather than being wif the wrong person cause its juz wasting ur time..

luv this song soooooo much..lady gaga rocks..luv her song but hate her outfit...haha

lady gaga-bad romance lyric

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it's free
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

I want your drama
The touch of your hand
I want your leather-studded kiss in the sand
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want it bad, your bad romance

I want your loving and
I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
(Oh-oh-oh--oh-oooh! )
I want your love and
All your lovers' revenge
You and me could write a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance

Want your bad romance

I want your horror
I want your design
'Cause you're a criminal
As long as your mine
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love-uuhh)

I want your psycho
Your vertigo stick
Want you in my rear window
Baby your sick
I want your love
I want your love
(Love-love-love I want your love)

You know that I want you
('Cause I'm a freak bitch baby! )
And you know that I need you
I want a bad, bad romance

I want your loving and
I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oooh! )
I want your love and
All your lovers' revenge
You and me could write a bad romance

Caught in a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance

Want your bad romance

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch crazy

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch crazy

Walk, walk fashion baby
Work it
Move that bitch crazy

Walk, walk passion baby
Work it
I'm a freak bitch, baby

I want your love and
I want your revenge
I want your love
I don't wanna be friends

Je veux ton amour
Et je veux ta revanche
Je veux ton amour
I don't wanna be friends
I don't wanna be friends
(Caught in a bad romance)
I don't wanna be friends
Want your bad romance
(Caught in a bad romance)
Want your bad romance!

I want your loving and
I want your revenge
You and me could write a bad romance
I want your love and
All your lovers' revenge
You and me could write a bad romance

Want your bad romance
(Caught in a bad romance)
Want your bad romance

Want your bad romance
(Caught in a bad romance)

Want your bad romance