Thursday, October 22, 2009


2day i feel weird...i got an idea 2 write a poem... a poem dedicated to someone i never know who (kinda noe his face accidentally..hehe..his cute)...someone who will be my soulmate one day... this poem is for "HIM"....

Whole my life i never met you

But i can feel you now

For some reason i guess

I think i saw you


And you smile

I smile too...

I’ve been here all along

I  know will see each other

One day,

One fine day

I just dunno when or when

But it will be soon..

Very, very soon....

My heart pumping hard

It hurts

But in a good way

I know and only know

We will fall in love

Like never before

Drowning in heaven of love

Oh baby,

I always think about you

Dream about you

Wondering who you are

Who are you?

Where are you?

Come and find me here

We gonna be together

Forever and ever

Created by me,

Kema (22.10.2009@ 9.54PM )

P/S: sowy if ade grammar mistake...i juz write anything that appear in my head...

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