Wednesday, July 8, 2009

confessions of shopaholic......

i juz finished watching confessions of shopaholic and it reminds me about my problem as a shopaholic tooo!!!!ahahaha..the movie was great and its all true and open my eyes dat i really need to buy STUFF I ONLY NEED!!..dats y i think i cannot survive for another few weeks cos my money is getting LESSER AND LESSER!!!hahaha..(y JPA x bg duit nie????arrgghhhh...)

i dun picture myself as a shopaholic but sometimes my mom and dad think i am  SHOPAHOLIC..its weird...haha..u noe, mayb i am..but the think is "do you think in diz materialistic world dat a lot of people dont like shopping??? look in girls perspective..lots of them think shopping is wonderfull,full of joy and happiness..but some are not(dun noe y)..but i take majority of the girls do love shopping alot!!am i rite???

sometimes when i saw nice thing like pretty bags,great shoes,elegant rings and bracelet..i dun think twice..juz grab and pay..but finally when i got home..look at my purse and what???"(how come i can finish more than rm3oo juz like dat) dat usually happen to me..haha...

things like diz always comes during Hari Raya. sales are everywhere..i couldnt believe my eyes dats 90% sales usually happen if u'r members of the mall. i cant stop myself buying thing whenever there is a sale in the dad spends rm600 plus for me during raya and still not enuf..haha..i can finished it within 3 days limit...when is still not enuf i beg my sis 2 lend me some money..hahaha...she's ok bout dat cuz i promise to pay back after raya using MY DUIT RAYA COLLECTION...its true when people say "biar papa asal bergaye"...hahaha..

is already 2.08am now..gonna get some sleep..2moro got place to go..lowyat for exact...saadah wants 2 buy her new lappy..

for those who still not watching the movie please do so....its totally a great and entertaining..guys should watch it diz movie,guys also have problems on shopping..juz they not realize it..they always say"ITS A GIRL THING"..wateva..hahaha..dats 4 all..chow..


  1. kema!! aku pn sgt suke confession of shopaholic. aku tgk berulang kali nk dekat 20x kot. xbosan2. sgt klaka n fun. n aku sgt suke luke brandon dlm cer tu!! huhuhu

  2. haha..aku pon ske..sgp download 2..sbb kite2 nie ske shoppngkn?sbb 2 seswai tgk cite2 shoping cmnie...melopong aku tgk brg branded cmtuh..huu...terngin nak...