Sunday, February 22, 2009

Program Kesihatan Kenanga(3k)

last saturday my faculty having an activity at Kampung Kenanga Rawang. This program is called "PROGRAM KESIHATAN KENANGA".Kampung Kenanga is a "kampung angkat" for UPM and this event is being held annually. BIOMEDIC n medic student are asked to become volunteers in this program. there are a few biomedic 3rd year students had been choosen by prof aziz to participate in this activity..n im one of them!! first, im not interested to become volunteer but thinking of getting a certificate, i change my mind.hehe...

the most difficult part 4 me in this activity was i've to wake up at 6 am! we are asked to gether in front of faculty foyer at 6.30am!can u imagine how early it was...hehe..but dats fine.eventhough me n my friends was a bit late,bus the bus driver still wait 4 us..huhu(mekacih pakcik!)

so,basically we had been divided into different group there and i worked at "pap smear n kato" counter. this counter was the most interesting part 4 the event.  my worked was to entertain the rawang respondens and asked them some questions about cervical cancer. in this program, dr latifah who is incharged for research of cervical cancer want to do some survey about the differences between doing self examination using kato device and normal pap smear by doctors.

not only i've to ask questions but i also have to label the slide,fill up the laboratory form n give some information about cervical cancer to the respondens. this programmed end at 1pm. we head back to our college at 2.00pm.this are some pictures i want 2 share wif all of u who visit my blog..enjoy.....

[caption id="attachment_164" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="me mase kat sane"]me mase kat sane[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_165" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="me,zati,farah n sya..cute x patung 2 isap rokok..hihi.."]me,zati,farah n sya..cute x patung 2 isap rokok..hihi..[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_166" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="bdak biomed n medic bergambar dengan dr latifah..she's so sporting n cool!"]bdak biomed n medic bergambar dengan dr latifah..she's so sporting n cool![/caption]

[caption id="attachment_168" align="aligncenter" width="497" caption="nie la biomed gurls yg pg.."]nie la biomed gurls yg pg..[/caption]


  1. wahhh...kema.ak nk coment gmba ko yg 1st tu je..nampak makin slim arrr..series.huhu

  2. huhu...seyes ke???malu la aku..hihi...xkn gmbr je..mase biase2 ko tgk aku bkn da slim ke?..hhahaha..

  3. haha..mse real pun ak tgk ko mmg slim pe.ko je yg ske ckp x..ramai org dh ckp ko mkin slim kn?so..ko xleh nak nafikn lg k.heh..tahniah2

  4. hehe..yeke?mekacih..huhu..act,blm slim sgt lg..msh ade lemak kat bhgn2 tertentu..2 kene trn sket je xtau bli nk berjaye...huhu...malu la kene puji..haha

  5. wah2. btol la kema. slim bangat! serius! aku x dpt join kenanga nie. sedeh je doh. no 18 dlm senarai. :( btw, kema, jwb la tag nie eh.

  6. wah...yatie plak puji..huhu..malu lg..hehe..ngade je aku nie..hahaha..2la,kn best klu ramai lg pg..aku xsgke ko ingat no bp ko tulis dlm senarai 2..kuat gile daye ingatan ko ek??bgs2...

  7. haha. aku ingat sebab aku berebut ngan nad nak jadi org ke-18. huhu.

  8. hahahahaha....tulis name pn beribut...gler romantik korang nie..huhuhuuhuhu...