Thursday, February 5, 2009

my new addiction

2 weeks ago,i bought my pink psp for about rm1000 something..its quite expensive but i luv it!!it's comes wif package.i got my pink psp,another purple casing,pouch for psp(2 in black another in pink).usb,earphone,clear casing cover,lcd protector and 4GB memory free wif 30 games.(not in cd form).  it's so difficult to find pink psp nowadays. they usually have stock for black and white only. act, i'd to pay more because it's pink in color. i dun mind as long as i've the pink one.i'm pinkaholic i guess..haha..same wif yatie samsul.

currently, i luv to play sim castaway(so cool!), pirates of carribean(already in level 7!i'm a gud fighter..haha),harry potter(not gud enough..still confuse how to use magic wand,i dunno how witches do it!),need for speed carbon and bomberman(classic game).

when i want to buy my psp at the shop in sungei wang plaza,there's one guy who sold the pink psp to me said dat, there r only few girls really love to play psp. he was shock when i told him dat i played RESIDENT EVIL 4 . i noe dat the game r for guys but i likes games involve shooting and fighting! its so adventures and cool. maybe u guys think im acting like a boy but nope..i juz ordinary gurl dat luv to play games. i also have playstation 2 in my house. when i get bored play psp, i play PS 2..huhu..i also noe how to dance juz by playing PS2 .I bought the dance mat.huhu...

[caption id="attachment_104" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="my brand new pink psp.."]my brand new pink psp..[/caption]

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  1. xpenah main play station...aduyai..

  2. kema! tp lain plak dining dash psp ngan laptop kan. siyes lembab gile aku main kat psp ko ritu. kene practice lebih nie. hihi.

  3. Ala aku pun main je games yang orang laki2 main... peduli ape.. yang penting enjoy :)

  4. to safuan:
    nak main psp x? dtg blk kema..haha..skandal la kte nie..

    to yatie:
    mst la kne byk latihan.aku pn terkial2 je skang da agak expert.nnti ko nak main bgtau la..aku bek g klas.time klas boring ble main..(ptt la xbjaye jwb exam!)..hahahaha...


    ko main game pe???asal aku xtau pn...fath..len kali aku xtgglkn ko tau..nsb ko tau jln pulang...haha...

  5. Hahaha... apekah ko tinggal aku.. Nasib baik aku tau jalan balik.. Haha.. Bajet complicated gile jalan balik..

    Aku main command & conquer, need for speed, fifa 2009, etc. Game yang aku suka la...

  6. haha..aku phm jln blk ke bilik amat mengkonpiuskn..aku kdg2 pn terlajak smpai tgkt 4..haha..
    ko main bola sepak fath??cayalah...huhu

  7. hm.. g beli ni smpi kt skali ponteng klas.. haha.. nti teman kt lak cri laptop k? haha.. camlah jauh nk kne tulis kat cni. pdhl sblh je ni... kema kat sane tu ---->

    eh pd kema
    <---- kite kat situ

    haha.. xde keje

  8. haha..xpe2..byk ckit komen aku nnti..haha..ko bli nak bli laptop..nak g lowyat lg ke? aku ok je..bsn gak duk blk je..rase nak g jejln je.