Thursday, April 10, 2008

why i'm not posted anything all diz while...

all this while,ive been buzy being child,sister,gud gurlfriend and of course a STUDENT! act,if i want 2 compare responsibilities between all diz jobs(dunno the rite word!..huhu)..i would say being a student is much more tiring...

well,a few weeks ago, i've been busy helping my mum arranging my brother's wedding. it's really2 tiring because i've very limited time 2 sleep. but a gud thing was my bro wedding when well neway..thanz 2 me 4 my all hard work!!haha.. n i also got 'reward' 4 my hard work from my bro..thanx along..,i also want 2 express my big n big thanx 2 my frens(housemate 2 be exact)..4 helping me giving surveniers 2 all the people dat attend the wed's dat day.

now,my final exam are coming soon.. i've already started studying since last week. gud news is i've already finished reading Imuunology and Pharmacology. My next target is MGM. hope i'll be able to finish reading it by 2moro...huhu..really hope so.

lastly, i wanna say thanx 2 my baby  cuz always be there 4 me..calling me day n nite. really like it!n baby..i miz u alot! cant wait 2 get married!haha...(i'm not kidding here!)

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