Monday, March 3, 2008

morrwat a tired week..

i noe dat diz week juz started but i've already feel so tired. diz week got 3 exam coming soon. mandarin is the 1st which means 2morrow...huH!! learn mandarin always been nice but if u hv 2 sit 4 exam,its a nightmare i tell u.

after posting diz,i'm gonna straight away start memorizing all those chinese characters. huhu..hope,i can memorize it.

thursday and friday got pharmacology and molecular bilogy test. i think,when u hear the subject some of u might hv heart attack. medical cources juz give u headache..haha.. dats true anyway,but still i love 2 study anything related 2 science.

lately,i alwayz updating my blogs bcuz diz is the only place where i can share my feeling.. its feel so good when u can express all ur problems 2 someone but i've no one..(not really cuz wa is always there 4 me).. but,sometimes i feel so lonely even my frends r around. dun noe y but its happened.

anyone wanna share ur feeling..u guys can juz mail me at i promise i'll help if i can. but no money involve k..huhu..

ha,juz now i've seen the latest mendua-hampir ke situ video clip. its for "DUYUNG" film OST. i'll suggest u 2 see it. later i'll update where u can watch the video k.

4 my next post,i wanna share bout my latest novel i juz bought days ago at midvalley. the book r juz greaT!!!! cant wait 2 finish reading it.

k,gtg.. need 2 study 4 my mandarin test now.

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  1. the topic actually is "wat a tired week..(typing error lo)