Tuesday, March 11, 2008

last exam..

huhu..2moro all my tiredness n hard work would be over! cant wait 2 sit 4 physio exam eventhough im not finish studying yet..huhu..juz wanna get out from diz exam week..

now,im looking ahead 4 my trip 2 pengkalan balak,melaka diz weekend. we'll gonna have fun there,eat barbeque,gossiping all nite,play games n juz have fun n fun all weekend..haha..

but hv a very tiny problem which is each group hv 2 prepare 4 10 minutes presentation about culture. stil dun hv idea..who want 2 help..raise ur hand...

k,gtg..wanna continue reading physio notes. stil got some more 2 read.. pray 4 my sucess k..huhu..

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