Wednesday, March 19, 2008

im angry n angry...

im not in a good mood 2day. diz morning,i've 2 meet my lec due to my bad marks in recently exam. i noe its is my fault but its already happened. i cant do nothing bout it. juz need 2 work hard for final.

and 2day also,i've found out dat someone had broken his promise 2 me. im sad..really sad. i dun like people broke their promise. so,i hope i dun do dat. its really heart breaking u noe.. arghhh..juz feel like want 2 cry..but "big girls dun cry". whateva dat means..hmmm...


  1. same2 la kite sad kema...problematic student sad...insyallh leh skor 4 final...gambate!!!

  2. diela btl!
    jgn so sory tau manje..

  3. haha..gambate!!!aku mmg serik nie dila..pasni nak trs amik bk n bc!!hahaha.. abg..its ok..ayg x mrh da..