Thursday, March 6, 2008

feeling eppy

erm..diz morning i woke up wif a big smile on my face.. i felt so eppy n  it juz overwhelming.. haha.. even i keep smiling until now.. its funny cuz its been long time since i've feeling like diz. i wish dat diz smile can stay 4ever..

my molecular biology test 2day quite easy... i still  dunno y i can answer most of the question. think back, i dun hv any preparations 4 dat test,its all last minute study. mayb my "guidance angel" pray 4 me..hehe..thanks alot..muuaaahhh!

now,i've got 2 focus on pharmacology. so many notes 2 read.. act,havent started truly a lazy gurl..haha..

bout the finished reading it. its such a great noveL. the writer is janet evanovich.Title of the book "WIFE FOR HIRE". My comment: diz book r great,full of love,passion n its so damn romantic.i love it.

p/s: 2 all janet evanovich fans outhere,go 2 the booktstore now n grabe diz book b4 its sold out. u wont regret!at least,im not regret...


  1. guidance angel uh??you so lucky...

  2. who's da guidance angel?huhu..

  3. huhu..dats u my love.. thanx cal me last again k.